Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What We Would Wear Wednesday

Today I did a little guilt-free shoe shopping. Guilt free! I know! When you own as many shoes as I, every usual footwear purchase is a remorseful one. However, today was different. I had an interview. A real life, grown up, must wear a suit jacket interview. I think it went quite well; I was invited to a second interview tomorrow, which I suppose is always a good start. However, on my departure, the lovely girl that showed me out made a comment that would leave most feminists reeling: ‘I love your flats, but most of the girls wear heels to the office’. The thing is, I am not exactly what you’d call a feminist. In fact, I’ve always flirted with the idea of having that sort of job where a pencil skirt and high heels are appropriate. Nonetheless, as a mere baby in this grown-up world, all of my high shoes are definitely not office-appropriate. Scuffed from falling over, stained from God-knows what, my heels are all marked from my days as a student; I bet the office glamour pusses could spot them a mile off.

So shop I did, and I found myself in Next. Usually I’d only enter the place if my mother was buying me bedding in the sale, I was pleasantly surprised by what they had to offer. Patent nude pumps (I’ll save for the Louboutin version, thanks), lace peep toes, and these beautiful stacked heel laceups. Suede; burgundy, mink and black. Very grown up, very comfortable, and oh so very me! Tomorrow I will sashay into that interview and blag the job over the girl in the too-short BHS suit. Pow!

I will be teaming it with an American Apparel high-waisted pencil skirt (seriously, if you don’t own one and aren’t cut like a twig, these things are a God-send), this chiffon pussybow blouse from New Look, my Andie Leaf Headband in Silver and my new good-luck charm, a gift from the lovely Wallpaper Rose.

If you could all keep every available appendage crossed for me for tomorrow, I would be forever greatful.

And if it works, and I do get the job, I'll be buying these BEAUTIFUL shoeboots from M&S....M&S! I know! Why didn't my mother show me the good bits of these shops a long time ago?!


  1. Hahaa, "Next. Usually I’d only enter the place if my mother was buying me bedding in the sale" - That made me laugh out loud. So true.

    Shoe boots are definitely the way to go - For guilt free shoes I usually go to Primark - Cheap, I know, but it means when you get bored of them after two weeks (Or if they fall apart...) you can go buy a different pair also guilt free! I was amazed at the choice they have, actually.

    I LOOOVE that camera charm. So me!

    Little Rachael Vintage

  2. Alas, I have monserous feet that do not fit into Primark shoes. I agree with you though, they are indeed bargainous and their choice is never-ending!



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