Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Off-topic: Inside my bag...

...I don't know about you, but I have a little squee of delight when a bag contents post appears on my blogroll. Perhaps I'm just unashamedly nosey, but for me I love seeing posts about real life. Plus it's a chance for me to show off my gawjus new bag from Topshop that I treated myself to at the weekend. I've had a penchant for leopard print since my early teens, and whilst now I favour the odd splash into an every day outfit (yes, I did used to go out in head-to-toe leopard....cringe), this is suprisingly my first leopard print bag. Rather Wang-esque, it's exterior is a printed pony-skin effect (and not as shiney as my image would suggest) and it's sporty shape and luxe hardwear make it look far more expensive than I actually paid for it. At some point I plan on covered the bottom in gold studs, a la the Rococo.

Moving onto it's contents, I'm afraid there's no battered Chanel compacts or Dior sunnies hanging around in there. When I splurge on makeup and suchlike (had a Benefit haul the other day, I'm tempted to do a later post entirely on the benefits of Brow-zings) I keep it nice and safe in my makeup bag, and chuck a few cheapy Rimmel pieces in my handbag for touch ups. A nude lipstick and loose powder are my daily fixers, and for night I'll add an eye-liner and mini-perfume. I've had too many heart wrenching experiences with broken MAC pallettes and long-awaited paydays to not take care of it. My sunglasses are a cheap floral pair from Peacocks, my purse is a turquoise leather one, again from Topshop, but several - possibly four - years old, and I love it the more it ages. My scarf is my current crowning glory; like the leopard print, I've had a fondness for skull things since my youth, and should probably have grown out of it by now but there we go. Long, multi-textured with velvet and chiffon, skulls and hearts. £20 from River Island, and very, VERY me!

I buy Glamour mag every month without fail; it is by far my favourite monthly; their gifts are usually awesome (who else collected all the Nails Incs and Benefit pencils?), their articles interesting and informative (as opposed to condescending and boy-baiting...'more!' mag, I'm talking to you!) and their fashion spreads are the perfect balance of affordable and luxe. If you don't already follow them on twitter too, for the odd competition and tea-break time poll. The ribbon was from a recent gift from Tiffany, and I'm keeping it in there in case my hair ever needs a quick pick me up. A notepad and pen are essential for all my flashes of inspiration, and if anyone would like to send me a slightly prettier one than this old battered pukka pad I would be forever greatful. Last, but no means least, is a silver Andie headband left over from the weekend.
What's missing, is my iPod touch, Skullcandy lowrider headphones and a pack of business cards.

In other news, Crown&Glory have some very exciting pieces in the making, which I can't wait to show off, hopefully by the end of the week. We have a few features and collaborations with other bloggers in the pipelines too, so watch this space!

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