Monday, 23 April 2012

Guest Post - Kim from Sweet Monday

Hair bands, clips and ties are hair accessories that we wear every day, but a crown like this one is something a little bit special :) And if you're anything like me I have always lusted after the 'festival/boho/chic' flower headbands but never really know quite how to wear them, whether they'd suit me and whether I'd get the wear out of them? So here's my attempt to show the versatility of this head dress.

I absolutely love this Earth, Wind and Fire crown. The detailing is truly beautiful, Sophie is an exceptionally talented lady. I particularly love that fact that it is neutral colours and a simple design, making it versatile when styling. This is my first look, for a casual Summer's day. Teamed with floral print leggings and a plain top, the crown is allowed to shine in all it's glory (excuse the pun!). I would personally wear this ensemble for lunch with friends, or to laze around in the sunshine, maybe to have a picnic or go to the beach.

The second of my looks is a lot more dressy than the previous. The heels add a touch of rock chick to a otherwise girly outfit. This could be worn out for drinks or to a wedding, maybe the evening part! Otherwise without the heels the dress and head band would look beautiful for a wedding or christening, a lovely meal with friends or for a few drinks in the evening sun.
The colours in the crown match perfectly with my dress and the leopard print heels. I think this has to be one of my favourite outfits of late :)

The final look to my 'ways to wear' floral hair crown, I think will be the most popular look as it sums up the summery, festival, hippie vibe!
Tie dye is back massively this Spring/Summer and what better to pair it with than a floral head band. Exactly what I will be wearing to Global Gathering this year. Every festival I've ever been too I've seen lovely ladies wearing hippie tops, short shorts and beautiful head dresses and I've longed to be one of them. Finally maybe this year I'll get my chance with this gorgeous crown. All I want now is my hair to grow down to my bum and I'd fit in perfectly with the happy go lucky crowd! Hmm it'll grow in a few months right?! Sure!

I hope all of my outfits have helped anyone contemplating buying a hair piece from Crown and Glory this Summer.


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  1. It looks great with everything you've paired it with, so cute for summer!


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