Sunday, 27 February 2011

Competition Time!

So I've been promising a competition for about forever now; initially it was going to be to celebrate reaching 1000 facebook fans, but I can't wait that long! Hopefully word will spread without the lure of free things anyway...if you don't "like" us already, I'd be really grateful if you could go over to the page and share with your friends! You can find us here. And while we're on the topic of shameless self-promotion, we're on twitter, too, if you'd like to follow us there.

Down to business! I've been preparing this competition for a long time, so I hope you like....

First Prize:

Worth a whopping £60 in total, one lucky lady will win the following:

- a £30 'gift voucher' to spend across the site
- Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle
- Umbertto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm
- Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
- Wallpaper Rose Brand New Rapunzel Necklace

Runner Up:

One Runner Up will also receive a pair of our Russian Doll Button Bobby Pins.

To Enter:
- Comment on this post, telling us what would you spend the £30 voucher on if you won? Be sure to leave your email address or twitter name so we can let you know if you're the lucky winner!
- You must follow this blog via Google Friend Connect to be included in the competition.
- Please also follow Wallpaper Rose via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin, as she very kindly donated the gorgeous necklace to us.
- You can also tweet about the competition if you like: just copy and paste 'Crown and Glory are having a giveaway and you can enter here: @crown_glory' and make sure you leave a seperate comment letting me know that you have done so.
- Tag us in a Facebook post about the competition, and leave another separate comment here telling us what you wrote.

EDIT: Whoops! I forgot to say, the only products that are exempt from being bought with the gift voucher are the Rockabilly Roll Bobby Pin Set and the Lipstick Stains Pair, really sorry but stock is so low on these products!

The competition will be running for 2 weeks, and end Sunday 13th March. The winners will be decided using a random number generator. Good luck! xo


  1. Awesome giveaway!! So with the vouchers... I'm having trouble picking, I'd definitely buy another comb as I LOVE my own and then a collection of clips including the purple rain bobby pin set and the messy little raindrops pin, oo and maybe the butterfly pair! So much to choose from.
    I'm a follower of both blogs :)

    L x

  2. oh wow this is an amazing giveaway!!
    If I had the voucher, I would spend it on the rockabilly roll bobby pin set, the dusky rose bobby pin set, mellow yellow bobby pin set, rust bobby pin set and purple rain bobby pin set. can you tell I'm a fan of the bobby pin sets? my email is, I'm following you and Wallpaper Rose via GFC as Nats and I tweeted bout the giveaway as @ohlalanats xx

  3. Also tweeted about the giveaway :)

    L x

  4. Oh my this is a great giveaway! (this took me ages to decide) but i think I'd spend the £30 on ...
    Miss Scarlet Velvet Turban Headband
    Woodstock Rocks; Necklace/Headband
    Josephene Headband
    my email is my twitter name is roseedl
    I'm also following Wallpaper Rose on blogger!

  5. Mmm, with £30... green velvet turban, mellow yellow floral crown & seven seas bobby pin set :) yumm. I already follow Wallpaper Rose too. Tweeted about the giveaway on @paula_ellen

    Thank youuu :)

  6. Fantastic giveaway! :)
    Following you and Wallpaper Rose as Maria

    With £30 from all your lovely items I'd choose
    Vintage navy paisley scarf
    Luxe Butterfly Pair
    Cherry Cold polka dot bobby pin set
    Flutterby Feather butterfly set
    Cotes du Rhone floral comb
    Orlaith comb
    Giant poppy clip

  7. I would get the other coloured turban headbands I haven't already gotten because I'm obsessed with them! They're so flexible and fit perfectly in my long, thick hair! So probably the camel suede turban headband (M/L), the cotton candy bobby pin set, and the ruby tuesday jersey headband (M/L), and the plum pudding bobby pin set. :)
    My email address is

    You guys are so lovely to have a giveaway like this. :)
    Monica XO

  8. This is what I posted in my facebook tag about the competition

    This shop has such lovely and unique items and they are having a competition, so head over there now and check them out!

  9. Fantastic giveaway! :)
    Following you and Wallpaper Rose as Lisa Holland

    With £30 from all your lovely items I'd choose

    The Giant Poppy Clip
    The Rock n Rosette Jersey Headband m/l
    The Woodstock Rocks; Necklace/Headband
    The Vintage Button Bobby Pins - Cage Nest

    My email =

  10. Also posted the giveaway on facebook what I wrote is below:

    Check out this amazing giveaway courtesy of the lovely Crown and Glory

  11. Hmm..with the voucher I would get:
    The Colonel Mustard Velvet Turban Headband
    The Flock Gift Set
    The Orlaith Comb
    and the Flight bobby pin set

    Thank you!! xxxx

  12. I will tweet it too :D
    @vanityfashionis xx

  13. Eeeee! This is a bit too good for words. Such a lovely giveaway- thank youu! :)

    I've just spent an aage pining over everything on the site, bit whittled it down to these...

    Rock n Rosette Jersey Headband
    Flock Earrings
    Camel Suede Turban Headband
    Vintage Button Bobby Pins

    Esp love the flock stuff - so cute, am keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

    twitter: @Dannimoo


  14. Such a great Competition. If i was to win the £30 voucher i'd pick.
    Green Velvet Turban Headband m/l
    Miss Scarlet Velvet Turban Headband m/l
    Iron and Wine Bobby Pin Set
    Daisy Duke's Headband

    Thankyou :) xo

  15. Wow! This competition is amazing!
    Everything in your shop is so nice, but if I won, I would probably buy...
    Tsuru; a Peace Crane Bobby Pin Set
    Iron and Wine Floral Crown
    Flock Gift Set
    Twitter: sammyplatt
    Thankyouu x

  16. great competition! i would buy the andrea leaf headband, woodstock rocks necklace, the time for tea bobby pins and the cotton candy bobby pin set.
    twitter: @thestylebox

  17. Ok, So I know I'm probably not meant to enter, however a £30 Crown and Glory voucher is just to awesome to ignore!

    If able to, I would purchase:

    -The Going Dotty, Polka Dot Turban (my clay ribbed jersey tuban is the comfiest thing ever)
    - The Ruby Tuesday headband
    - The rusty bobby pin set or the flight bobby pin set!

    Lou xx

  18. Fab, Fab, Fab giveaway!

    If I won the voucher I would like...
    Whole Lotta Rosie Jersey Headband
    Orlaith Headband
    Mellow Yellow Bobby Pin set
    Cotes Du Rhone Floral Comb

    Karen x

  19. Decisions! Such a great giveaway (I'm a backcomb in a bottle addict..)

    I'd go for a Ruby Tuesday Headband
    Dr Black Headband
    Butterfly Hairclips
    and the Plum Pudding bobby pin set

    (picking those took me a while!)
    Penny x

  20. Follow both blogs :)
    Would buy all your turbans and a mix of the nautical pins.

  21. Did a facebook post from "Charli Charlsberg James"
    Contact via twitter

  22. This giveaway makes my head hurt trying to think about all the amazing things I would buy! But I think I would get:
    Whole lotta Rosie Jersey headband
    Rev. Green velvet turban headband
    Vintage silk navy paisley scarf
    Time for Tea bobby pin set...

    All amazing!! Such a generous giveaway xx

  23. also tweeted @HeatherRetro

  24. I'd get vintage booby pin set, fight bobby pins,camel suede turban, deffo. I follow both blogs :) @fromgemwithlove


  25. Love this giveaway!

    The lovely Orlaith and Jospehine headbands would be at the top of my list! They're perfect for this awkward winter to spring transition time - I could be wearing lovely florals even though the Scottish weather stops the rest of my wardrobe looking so fresh and summery!


  26. Just tweeted by @lippyandlashes

  27. I follow you by gfc and wallpaper rose by bloglovin, like you both on facebook too :)

    If i had the chance i would like the Dusky Rose Bobby pin set, Vintage Button Bobby pins, Andie leaf headband in Silver, Sparkle and fade headband and Flock stud earrings.

    Thanks x

  28. Following Wallpaper rose now, with the 30 i would go for:
    Cherry Cola Bobby pin set
    Whole Lotta Rosie Jersey Headband
    Vintage Bobby pins
    Tea time bobby pins set
    Flock stud earrings

    Wow thats a lot!

  29. Oooh how do we enter? :D

  30. Fab fab giveaway :)
    Hmmmmm I would go for;
    Flutterby hair pins
    Flock Hairband
    Flock stud earrings
    and the Orlaith headband

    I'm following you and Wallpapaer Rose (I have a Golden Snitch necklace from her which is gorgeous) with GFC or purdeysingleton on twitter xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  31. Yay! Where do I start?
    Poppy clip please, can't get enough poppies, another daisy dukes headband as my whippet decided to play with it :-(
    and as many of the retro hair clips as poss :-p
    Have tweeted and fb, statused Xxxxxxx

  32. P.s. also following wallpaper rose... x

  33. I'm following both yours and Wallpaper Rose's blogs : )

    What would I buy if I was lucky enough to win a the voucher? I'd clean you out on all your butterfly hair accessories, treat myself to a turban and also buy the floral hair band. You have a seriously great imagination. I am so keeping my fingers crossed here! x

  34. Sorry forgot to add my email is

    and I am also promoting your comp on my Twitter account as @CelineAnis

  35. And I'm a friend on Facebook too and have just tagged you in a post about your giveaway under my FB name of Yasmin Selena

    Thank you for the brilliant competition, it is very generous of you and Wallpaper Rose. I hope it brings you many new customers and awareness of what you do..x x

  36. Wow what a generous giveaway! I would spend the gift voucher on...
    - Over the Picket Fence (I think it'll be perfect summer festival wear!)
    - Flight Bobby Pin Set (stuck into a messy plaited bun, I think they'd look beautiful)
    - Cherry Cola Bobby Pin Set (for cheering up rainy days!)
    - Flutterby Feather Butterfly Pair (because I love the ones I've got already!)

    I'm following you both on Google Reader :) my email address is and I Tweet as @wrapwithstring :)

    Sarah x

  37. Just Tweeted too! :)

    Sarah x

  38. If I won the £30 voucher I'd buy:
    Orlaith Hairclips
    Daisy Duke's Headband
    Time for Tea Bobby Pin Set
    Cherry Cola; a Polka Dot Bobby Pin Set
    Rockabilly Roll Bobby Pin Set
    and probably some other lovely things!

  39. I've tweeted about this too

  40. If I won the £30 voucher I'd buy:
    Orlaith Hairclips
    Daisy Duke's Headband
    Time for Tea Bobby Pin Set
    Cherry Cola; a Polka Dot Bobby Pin Set
    (Rockabilly Roll Bobby Pin Set - oops not allowed to pick this so will choose...)
    Flock gift set instead :)
    to be honest I love it all anyway ;)

  41. I linked a comment to you on Facebook and said "check out Crown and Glory they've got some gorgeous hair accessories and are running a fab competiton right now :)"

  42. What a generous giveaway - with £30 i would go for seven seas bobby pin set, clay turban and the flock gift set

    Tess x

  43. Love ♥ LOVE this giveaway!!! I would spend my winnings on:
    *The beautiful Woodstock rocks headband/neckace.
    *The uber cool Rockabilly Roll bobby pin set.
    *The prettyful giant poppy clip
    *The cute flock stud earings.

    Am following your blog
    On FB: Jennifer O'Brien
    and on twitter @Vixen_Jen

  44. What a lovely giveaway!

    I'd choose the Rock and Rosette Jersey Headband,
    the Avada Kedavra bobby pins (genius!), the Flock Headband and the rock and blues Leaf comb!

    I follow you and WallpaperRose on google friend connect :)

    Rachel x

  45. GREAT giveaway! Congrats on the followers!

    If I won I'd be spoilt for choice with the £30 gift voucher! I'd love to get my hands on the Clay Ribbed Jersey Turban Headband and the Colonel Mustard Velvet Turban Headband. Ooooh and the Camel Suede Turban Headband - there's my £30 gone!

    I am a follower -

    T x

  46. What a brilliant giveaway, ah I really want to win have been loving your stuff for ages but am broke!

    If I won I would get:

    -Going Dotty Turban
    -Red Velvet Turban
    -Woodstock floral headband!

    I follow both you and Wallpaper Rose on Google :)

  47. I have tweeted too. Just realised my choices would go over the £30 voucher but would happily pay the extra :)

    R x

  48. This is such a lush giveaway :D
    If I won, I'd spend the £30 on:

    - Whole Lotta Rosie Jersey Headband
    - Mellow Yellow Bobby Pin Set
    - Daisy Duke's Headband
    - Peachy Keen Jersey Headband
    - Flock Stud Earrings

    I follow you and Wallpaper Rose :)

  49. Also, I've also done the whole Twitter thing.

  50. I follow you both on Google Friend Connect!

    I would buy the green velvet turban, white floral crown and plum flower bobby pins!


  51. Aww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ..OH MY VOGUE!

  52. its hard to decide so many nice things, would let my daughter choose, have tweeted x

  53. Would buy some lovely coloured turban headbands.x

  54. I'd get the flock headband,the Orlaith headband and the Andie leaf headband!I follow both blogs via GFC as Ria

  55. I also tweeted here:!/msriaaa/status/44393023076970496

  56. What a lovely giveaway, so many lovely items to choose from I would probably buy vintage scarves and jersey headbands :).
    Am following both your blog and Wallpaper Rose

  57. Have tweeted about this comp too @ellielucky

  58. Have tagged you in Facebook, saying what a great comp on blog and link to blog :)

  59. WWAAAHHHH amazing comp!! I've my eye on so many head bands so i would start spending there :) so many bootifull pieces i adore!! following on twitter @linzakastar and facebook Linz Collins! Good luck girlies <3 xx

  60. p.s also following @ Lindsey_linz <3

  61. My computer just spazzed so writing this out again - hopefully it won't post twice so I look like a pleb!
    Such a generous giveaway, if I had the £30 I'd buy the camel suede, clay ribbed jersey and miss scarlet turbans and woops there's my £30 gone but I'd probably splash my own pennies on a rust and rose comb and an iron and wine bobby pin set - too many nice things to choose from!
    My email is :)
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues

  62. Hi!

    Your site is so delicious I peruse often.
    As soon as my sis-in law said her wedding was going to be outdoor tea party themed I knew where to get my accessories!

    My dress is dusky pink so to match I would pick -

    Plum pudding bobby set
    Cotton Candy bobby pin set
    Iron and Wine Floral Crown - YUM

    So I could decide which goes best!

    Excited follower. is my email or

    Lots of lovlines, xxx

  63. Ooh enter me please :)
    with the £30.00 voucher I would buy some vintage headscarves as they're so pretty and will look fab on holiday and glam up poolside hair!
    Am following your blog and Wallpaper Rose :)


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