Sunday, 20 February 2011

Halcyon Daze

Iron and Wine Floral Crown

A twisted, woven vine is adorned with burgundy silk flowers and butterflies, and finished with gunmetal pearls and Swarovski stones.

Mellow Yellow Floral Crown

The ultimate in festival chic, the Mellow Yellow suits this season's 70's colour palette perfectly. A twisted, woven vine is adorned with mustard yellow silk flowers from bud to full bloom, and finished with delicate pearls and Swarovski stones.


  1. This is so so lovely. I got a little over excited and started to comment before reading your final description, and was about to say how perfect this is going to be for glastonbury..doh! As you say, it's the ultimate in festival chic- perfect :)


  2. Thanks Ellie; there'll be another colour way coming soon :)

  3. I love the Iron and Wine Floral Crown, it's so pretty :)

  4. Côtes du Rhône Floral Comb and maybe some headband lovely site following tweeted and liked on facebook and tagged @emmacella and following blog


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