Friday, 28 January 2011

Gypsy Woman

Woodstock Rocks; Bib Necklace/Headband £15

Since I posted a link to this on twitter on Sunday night I've been inundated with positive comments! Thankyou so much! I've love the idea of versatile headbands and am always on the lookout for the perfect OTT bib necklace so decided to combine the two! After I spent hours on Saturday designing and making my mock-up, I proudly trotted downstairs to show my wares and...well, to be frankly honest, it was met with blank stares from my boyfriend and parents. Anti-climax, much? Still, I'm a stubborn little bugger so thought I'd persevere.

I hope you like the outfit I've chosen to go with the necklace! I thought I'd diversify from the world of polyvore; but quite frankly, you don't need to be seeing my wobbly bits so laid out it is! I quite like it, I suppose it's not very creative but definitely mixes things up a bit. The tshirt was from Zara, the skirt George at Asda and the grey brogues from Asos.


  1. i loooove this headband/necklace! such a genius idea. Wish i had the money to buy one cause i know i would wear it to death in the summer at festivals and things! xx

  2. love that combination with dress :)


  3. Well Rose, there are a few 15% discount codes flying around at the moment so keep your eyes peeled!

    Thanks for the kind words :) xx


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