Sunday, 15 August 2010

Review; The Whimsical Wren

The Whimsical Wren is created by the very gorgeous and talented Jennie Harris, from her home in Swansea, South Wales. Jennie began making jewellery in 2008, and in the last two years has seen her sales sky rocket. Her very first piece was a cherry necklace; " I had hunted high and low for a cherry necklace, and couldn't find one anywhere. So I bought a jewellery starter kit, and the components and made it myself. A few people asked me to make one for them. I did this and began working with beads." 'Wren now focuses on more romantic, floral themes, but says her inspirations are never planned; "My inspirations come from anything and everything. Sometimes I see components and know immediately how I want to use them. Other times they just sit in their boxes awaiting that "eureka moment".

When myself and Jennie decided to do a product swap, I couldn't wait for my Flying the Nest Lariat necklace to arrive; it was something I'd drooled over on her facebook page for a good few months. With a penchant for swallows anyway, it caught my eye immediately, and the lariat design is suprisingly easy to wear. At first, I was nervous it might fall off and I wouldn't realise, but the weight of the charms is just so that it stays put throughout a day of errands.

Both the chain and charms are of very high quality, with a real vintage feel; the colour of the metals match perfectly and are obviously sourced with such care (a detail the larger/more popular makers of this kind of jewellery seem to cast aside...I won't name names ;) ) The green-copper tone it the charms is really unusual and will be carrying on way into A/W'10.

You can follow The Whimsical Wren through the blog, via Folksy and on Facebook.

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