Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Kind of Love

'Done' by Colleen Leh

This week I've drawn on gratitudes more than most. Gareth has been away so I've been head down, tail up in the office and I'd forgotten how isolating working on your own can be. It has felt incredibly good to make some movements with my workload though, and begin to claw back some semblance of a routine (before I muck it all up by spending a week n London in a fortnight, ha!) This week, I've been grateful for;

  • The existence of iMessage and free international calls. I've missed my Welsh One something terrible.
  • A full, uninterrupted, unaided, 8 hours sleep. It's quite astounding how restorative 40 winks can be,
  • Having the strength to learn from mistakes. Not so long ago, a less than perfect score or wrong turn in the road would have sent me into a spiral of self doubt. Perhaps it's something to do with age, but having the ability and courage to take stock and ask myself 'so what did you learn?' fills me with gratitude.
  • Jonathan Fields' interview with Kris Carr from The Goodlife Project. If you need to find something to have on while you work and just absorb, The Goodlife Project series is for you.
  • Tick, tick, tick, tick, ticking! Leaving the office to an empty intray and light shoulders is just the best feeling in the world.
  • Seeds of Change Brown Rice and Quinoa - they may have been meals for one, but they were damn tasty and satisfying.
  • Being able to hop on a ferry, be rocked to sleep in a cosy cabin, and wake up in France with my family. Nothing beats a bit of mummy time.
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