Wednesday 28 August 2013

Genuinely The Best Money I've Ever Spent

crown and glory the blogcademy

If you had an extra £500 to spend on your business, what would it go on? I'm not a gambling girl, but I'd put money on some of the top 3 answers being a new piece of kit, a flash advertising campaign or employing someone to perform some SEO mumbo jumbo and expect it to turn you into the next ASOS.
But would those things keep paying you back in dividends, months after you initially invested in them? New kit quickly becomes old kit, advertising campaigns last one season and SEO isn't a magic wand for your website, no matter how many emails you get telling you otherwise. Of course, these things are important, but when I had a spare £500 to spend I invested it in learning - and it's the best business decision I have ever made.

crown and glory the blogcademy

crown and glory the blogcademy

From the outside, The Blogcademy is a workshop tailored to wannabe baby bloggers who dream of being the next Bip, Garance or Perez. But delve a little deeper, and you'll soon discover that the Blogcademy is a two day bodacious bonanza determined to step your online presence up a gear -or fifteen. Hosted by three bonafidė online superstars, who've been at the bottom with the rest of us and built themselves online businesses that, unlike many, will actually stand the test of time. They've got an arsenal of first hand experience, tips and tricks and tried and tested know how at their fingertips and they're willing to share it!

But unlike a lot of blogging forums/workshops/conferences, The Blogcademy is 100% invested in its' attendees. This is not about peddling the latest crap about search engine optimisation, or bland slideshows with social media stats and the best way to blag freebies. The Blogcademy takes a vested interest in each and every one of its' attendees, offering personalised report cards, a seminar experience with lots of encouragement for discussion and one to one time with the Headmistresses too. The Blogcademy teaches skills, sure, like how to get a book deal, how to consolidate your branding and how to create killer content, but again, it delves deeper. I've learnt how to grasp my fears by the balls, how to trust my gut, how to embrace my quirks to make my business stronger. I've diversified my income stream, said yes to opportunities I would've once been scared of and dreamt bigger - and achieved more - than I ever thought possible.

crown and glory the blogcademy
So, do you want in? Because if your business is in a funk or not, I would beg, borrow or steal to find the funds to attend. Yes, £450 for a ticket is a lot of money. No, it probably isn't the sort of figure a hobby blogger or hobby entrepreneur would want to spend. But thats the crix of the crux - this class isn't about making some slight improvements to your hobby. Its not about handing you everything on a plate, either. This class is for the babes with guts, who want to dream bigger and carve their own way in this world. The monetary investment I made attending The Blogcademy has already been recuperated 10 fold. The emotional redemption I gained will continue to value me for years to come.

The Blogcademy hits London next week and I believe that there are still a couple of spaces up for grabs in the weekday class. For more info, hit up The Blogcademy website.

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