Wednesday, 17 April 2013

On The Road.... WWWWBristol!



This Saturday, we had the best time ever at the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World, Bristol. Definitely the kookiest and bravest event we have exhibited at this wedding season, with everything from film set worthy prop hire to a pole dancing unicorn (yes, really, and she was fabulous!) available for punters to consider for their special day. While some stands certainly divided opinion (see aforementioned pole dancing unicorn) I was astounded at how open minded the couples coming through the door were - and we definitely saw some eureka moments happening when they realised that there is life beyond linen chair covers!

Emily and Ali did such a fantastic job with organising the event; in an industry where the latest buzz word is "alternative", they took some brave but well considered decisions to ensure their wedding fair/world/hullabaloo really did stand out from the crowd; having their first ever showcase on a Saturday night, hosting it at a science museum, the star of the fashion show being taxidermy accessories; and yet Emily confided in me towards the end of the evening that she was worried it "wasn't weird enough"! If this is the first offering from the event planning duo then I can't wait to see what these two think up by this time next year, and I certainly hope we'd be invited back again.

I've said it once and I'll say it again; it's events like this that make me love love LOVE my job. I've never been especially good at 'front of house'; I can't do the hard selling that seems appropriate at more traditional wedding fairs, get fidgety sat behind a trestle table and don't even talk to me about adding on extra £££'s when the word "bride" is mentioned. WWWWBristol was like hanging out with my friends - old in the like-minded wedding suppliers that I do the rounds with in the South West, and new in the amazing and enthralling customers I get to meet, either for the first time or with warm, congratulatory hugs when we get to meet again. Quite frankly, we wouldn't work a Saturday night for anything less.


Images by Laura Michelle Photography



  1. That looks like soooo much fun, oh my goodness!

  2. Fab photos, those table settings are fantastic. Looks like such a great day.


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