Thursday, 18 April 2013

Crown and Glory Makeup Faves


I love to experiment with my makeup but even on days when I'm doing lilac glitter brows or an ombré lip, my go to base items stay pretty much the same.

Lasting Perfection concealer, Collection 2000 - £4.19

This has had rave reviews throughout the beauty blogging world, and for good reason; it knocks the socks off its high end counterparts (even Touché Éclat!) I dab this under my eyes, around my nose and a little across the bridge of my nose and chin before blending.

Double Wear Light, Estée Lauder - £27.50 Estée Lauder

Is it just me or did they change the formula of regular Double Wear foundation recently? After buying my 3rd bottle in a row of the original foundation, I found it suddenly started feeling so horrible on my skin; tight, patchy, giving me awful dry scaley skin across my nose (and yet also making me breakout, odd) I headed to my local Estée Lauder concession and was convinced into trying Double Wear light - it has the same staying power, coverage that is build able to that of original Double Wear and none of the patchy, tight feeling I was getting before.

Fine One One Sheer Lip and Cheek Colour* - £23.50 Benefit

At first I wasn't so hot on this product, it being way too subtle for my usual Cha Cha Tint or Posie Tint blush habits; until I realised that people were complimenting my makeup more and that actually, this product is just so pretty for spring. With blush, highlight and contour in one stick, it's super easy to swipe across your cheeks to your temple and then blend with your fingers. While the staying power is probably not as good as my usual favourite stains, even if I am feeling a slickly brighter blush it forms a brilliant base on which to add some extra stain.

Brow Zings in Light, £23.50 Benefit

If I could take out shares in Brow Zings pallettes I totally and utterly WOULD. Until September 2011, I barely plucked my brows let alone filled them in, until I started panicing about my graduation and the fact that photos taken on this day would be around forEVER. Cue me desperately watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and one thing that kept cropping up time and time again was how having good brows frames your face, and takes years and (more importantly, for me, at that time) pounds off your appearance. Safe to say, you won't catch me out in public without my brows filled in these days - I'm well and truly a convert. I've tried the copycat pallettes on the market and quite frankly, they're utter balls and end up thrown away after one application and my eyebrows ending up sliding down my face. Never a good look, babes, let me have learnt that hard lesson for you! Seriously, if you invest in one piece of high end kit, it really should be Brow Zings. I wear makeup very little these days, but even when I was a 6 day a week kind of girl, I didn't have to repurchase for just over a year.

High Brow Pencil, £15 Benefit

It didn't occur to me quite how much of a fan of Benefit products I am until I sat down to write this post - but hey, sometimes stuff just works. I use High Brow to line underneath my brow line, in my waterline and corner of my eye and then to line my cuspids bow. A great little highlighter pencil that is chunky enough to apply to all the aforementioned areas. Nice subtle colour with a slight sheen that's easily blendable.

Thick and Fast Mascara, Soap & Glory, £10

I've never been especially brand loyal to a mascara until I picked this up as a freebie with Elle magazine one month last year, and I've stuck by it ever since. Usually, I find I only like the consistency of mascaras until they've been opened a couple of months but Thick and Fast stays true to its' name - just two coats is enough for fluttering false lash effect, with no clumps and very little smudging throughout the day. The applicator wand is lovely and thick, with a tapered tip for coating the bottom inside lashes.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish Powder in Superb, (discontinued) MAC Cosmetics

What is it with MAC discontinuing products all the time?! I purchased this highlighter powder last year in a desperate attempt to replace my beloved, and the again discontinued, Irridescent Pressed Powder in Belightful. While Superb doesn't come close to the glittery, magical goodness of Belightful, it is a close second. I use this to highlight my cheekbones and use as an eyeshadow base. As an aide, if any of you have a Belightful hanging around that you can't get on with, I'd bite your arm off for it.

*Items marked with an asterisk are gifted items to be considered for review. This does not affect the opinion of the product and all reviews will be true to our own beliefs.

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