Thursday, 21 April 2011

I can babble a little...

I feel like I'm continually apologising on here for not being around much. Truth told, my life hasn't been particularly exciting recently so you're probably quite glad of my absence! Slogging through my day job 9-5 and keeping up with orders at night has made Sophie a very dull girl. The Royal Wedding-inspired fascinators flew off the shelves recently, so much so that I ran out of my 5 meter purchase of (rare) royal blue veiling! Thankyou if you bought one, I would love to see any pictures of your celebrations? I don't consider myself to be a Royalist truth told, but that doesn't mean I won't be partaking in a glass of bucks fizz and marveling the undoubtedly ridiculous headwear on show! What is it about the filthy stinking rich not being able to buy taste?

In the spirit of summer weddings however, I have been creating a range of wedding and races-worthy fascinators and head pieces. Concentrating primarily on traditional designs with a whimsical, vintage inspired twist, there have also been a few show-stopping custom orders in the making!

This fascinator was created for Emma from Flo Nightingale Jewellery, for a wedding she attended in Barbados! How fabulous! And even more amazingly, the precious feather butterflies survived the flight!

Creating custom orders is possibly one of my favourite things about running Crown and Glory; being able to help make someone's imagination come to life is a buzz that will never fade (unlike accounting...addictive for all of five minutes, darned tedious thereafter!)

Remember, if you have a special event - wedding, Ladies Day, tea party - coming up, having a bespoke, one-off piece of millinery can really make your outfit that much more special. And just because your item is made to order, doesn't mean it'll break the bank; I assess budgets with clients before the design process so we all know where we stand. The average custom order is between £20-£30; bargainous, I'm sure you'll agree.


Tonight I'm actually creating a custom order for myself; this Bank Holiday I'm spending in Reading with one of my favourites, and she's having a fairy-tale inspired birthday barbeque. It's been a few years since I attended anything with a fancy-dress code, so I'm easing myself in with a flower-fairy outfit. I'll be creating a crown tonight inspired by the colours and blooms of this vintage skirt I picked up at the Uncle Buck's Vintage Fair last month. I'll be sure to post images as soon as I can!


  1. The pieces with the butterflies are gorgeous, really delicate and lovely! :)

  2. Haha, i cannot wait for the royal wedding purely for the style-destined to be very very good or very very bad! Love your designs btw, the butterflies are so unusual, i love it!xxx

  3. haha i seem to always be apologising concerning my lack of blog posts as well! and all your pieces are making me wish I was going to a wedding soon! xxx


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