Monday, 4 April 2011

New from Crown and Glory

As promised in our March installment of the Crown and Glory newsletter, our Flight Headband landed in store on Saturday. Vintage floral patterns, printed onto hand-cut acrylic swallows of varying sizes, are scattered across an antique brass headband base.

As festival season is fast approaching, I spent Saturday afternoon designing and creating this dreamy sunshine-inspired floral crown. Woven with tan coloured suede and dotted with tiny rust and ochre blooms, My Only Sunshine is finished with golden Swarovski drops and gold glitter. At the moment this crowns are made to order to your exact measurements, but I am currently prototyping the best ways to make adjustable/one size fits all crowns.

If rocking up in a floaty maxi-dress, shaggy fur gilet and floral crown isn't exactly office-appropriate, my first suggestions would be; switch jobs! The cheaper, less stressful alternative might be these delicate My Only Sunshine bobby pins; as with the crown, tiny rust and ochre silk blooms are finished with Golden Swarovski's and gold glitter, sitting atop antique brass bobby pins. Guaranteed to bring an injection of sunshine on a showery day, and only £3 a pair.

In other news, I've just ordered in a whole bunch of stuff to create wedding-worthy fascinators with. I'll be concentrating primarily on pastels and purples, but of course you can always request a custom order. I've started designing bridal pieces, too; it's taking me a while though, simply because there's so much out there already I'm very conscious to try and bring something different, and yet affordable, to the table. In the coming weeks there'll also be some Navajo-inspired leather and feather pieces and a woven daisy chain as well. Phew! Just thinking about all that makes me want a cup of tea!


  1. oh god, so excited to see the Navajo stuff, I'm a girl obsessed! x

  2. Looking forward to the full range of festival headbands!


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