Friday, 22 October 2010

Get The Look

Like it or loathe it, there's no escaping the X Factor train at the moment. I am definitely in camp like I'm afraid; as with my taste in literature, there is nothing cultured about my taste in television either. And for that I will not apologise; there is nothing I like more on a Saturday night, cuddled up with Mr Crown and Glory with a curry and a big bag of Haribo...bliss!

Until they started the live shows and were put through horrific styling week-to-week, the girls this year are a fashionable lot. Gone are the days of girl-next-door Leona types; this year is all about a fierce individuality and a playful nod to the trends.

Dodgy Madonna dress-up from her first audition aside, my favourite sartorial choice from this years' X Factor has to be Katie Waissel, and mainly because she's rarely seen without a headscarf or set of beads draped across her forehead. Predictable? Probably, but this is why I'm in the hair dress-up game after all!

I've picked an image from judge's houses for this weeks' Get The Look. Quite conveniently it ties in nicely with the launch of our new winter designs; the Moonlight Constellation Collection. Items will be focused around the blues and silvers associated with winter, and will have a luxe approach with feathers and multi coloured Swarovskis in preparation for the upcoming party season.

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