Friday, 22 October 2010

Geeky Friday; Book Review

I'm already slacking with my weekly book reviews as I didn't finish one last week. I had a lot of interviews and was getting ready for the sale so I apologise!

If you read my last review, I was disappointed with the novel for trying to be clever with the chick-lit genre. If I wanted clever, I'd read something that isn't the literary equivalent of a big box of sweets, non? Adele Parks 'Love Lies', however, definitely didn't disappoint; unapologetically girly, we follow the story of Fern; nearing thirty, she begins to wonder if her immature boyfriend will ever propose. 'Then a chance meeting with Scottie Taylor – the UK’s sexiest pop star – lights fireworks in Fern that won’t stop exploding. It’s mind-expanding love at first sight for them both so when he proposes in front of a sell-out crowd at Wembley Stadium, there’s only one answer. Yes, yes, yes! Before you know it, Fern is living the celebrity dream in LA and a wedding planner is arranging designer shoe fittings.'

Parks has successfully tapped into the daydream of millions of teenage girls everywhere. Haven't we all at some point imagine being whisked away from the mundane of reality and dropped straight into a modern fairy tale? (Mine were Jesse Lacey, Ville Valo and Adam Lazarra; who were yours?!) Undoubtedly this is not an original plotline, however Parks manages to do this with a scrap of integrity. Firstly, Fern is an extremely likeable, intelligent character, not a dumb wannabe WAG so overused in other tales of rags to riches. More importantly, however, Parks has made the story utterly believable. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say one of my pet hates within this type of novel is when the author makes up place names, band names, brand names; the list is endless. It's enough to make me not continue a book when I read that the leading lady favours 'Jinny Shoes and Hucci handbags'. How cringeworthy! I'm not entirely sure why some authors bother trying to create their own version of a fantasy world when there's a real life one that is so unattainable for the majority of us.

As with any good fairy tale, we end with a bucket of good morals, enough to leave a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I'd give this book 3 out of 5 and would recommend it if you wish to escape for a few hours, preferably with a glass of wine and a nice bubble bath.

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  1. Finally, your blog is showing up on reader for me!

    Love the book review :) xx


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