Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday wants...

miss scarlet headband

I can't get my mind off these scallop edge vests from Topshop! But £15 for what is undoubtedly very flimsy material just seems wrong, don't you agree? I'm sure as the weather gets warmer that'll seem perfectly reasonable, though! Even if I were going to invest, I have no idea what colour I would go for, I seem to have so many saved in my items in polyvore! This camel one would be very versatile, though.

This outfit is predominantly made around one of our new turban velvet headbands, Miss Scarlet! I just can't get enough of these at the moment; both warm and functional, I'm styling them hair up, hair down, bad hair days, curly hair days, the works! I love how velvet can easily be dressed up or down, and althought this is an inherently casual look, Miss Scarlet would look equally chic teamed with a LBD or a little playsuit.

The kimono, jeans and leather doctors bag are all Topshop again. I went through a phrase last year where I just hated everything in Topshop, but it's steadily winning back my affections! If only everything weren't so darned expensive, and they made clothes for girls with a bust. Philip? Are you listening? I do think Topshop jeans are always worth the investment, though, they seem to be the only jeans that ever fit me properly.

My favourite item here though, are these shoes from Fearne Cotton's collection from very. The darker tan leather bits are actually heart shaped, how cute! And they come in a nine, which is making me click buy!


  1. I've already debated and rejected the Topshop top... too expensive :/ however I am debating between a Mrs Peacock turban or a Dr Black turban? Or both...? Au revior wages ;)

    Paula-Ellen xo

  2. I agree Paula-Ellen, the Topshop is too expensive!

    The turbans, however, retail at nearly half the price of elsewhere....and arguably made with more love!



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