Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday wants...

rust n rose
Bit of a wishlist post for you all today. Like the typical girl that I am, I have a wardrobe full of dress and now all I want to wear is trousers. I'm not the thinnest though, so I doubt these peg-leg styles will do anything for my figure, but my what a pretty colour they are! I might see if my momma wants to go round the shops this weekend though, and try some palazzo pants.

This top from Topshop is another object of my desires that wouldn't do anything for my figure. Having a DD bust means tshirts like this are a no-no for me...though my Wallpaper Rose Jen Tee seems to be the only exception! I think it might be something to do with the length, and that it's a really nice fit. I have the maroon in a medium which is nothing short of a miracle in itself! According to the highstreet a size 14-16 is 'large' (when actually it's the average UK dress size) or in Zara's case, an XL, so it's nice that Wallpaper Rose have a bit of perspective with the sizing. Anyway, I digress; hopefully my local Topshop will have this tshirt in a Tall and I'll get to try it on.

Unfortunately these wedge boots from New Look have been sold out for a while and not buying them is a source of deep regret for me! They look like they'd be comfortable enough to wear to work so if anyone knows where I can get similar then please put me out of my misery!

As soon as I've got the available funds I am determined that this Disaster Designs satchel will be mine! Unfortunately a trip to the dentists yesterday has put this particular purchase on hold for the foreseeable, boohoo! Still, once I've lost another 7 lbs I'll officially be allowed.

The finishing touch to this outfit is our own Agent Orange Velvet Turban Headband. Perfect for channeling the seventies trend that's everywhere this spring, this gorgeous rust coloured velvet headband is available in either S/M or M/L. Why the choice of two sizes? Well, I'm sure you'll agree that there's nothing worse than an ill-fitting headband! I was wearing one the other day that actually gave me a headache it was too tight. So if you find that Topshop et al's headbands are usually too tight, then go for the M/L. If you're unsure you can always email me to chat some more.

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