Tuesday, 4 January 2011

loose lips sink ships

I can't believe how early the sales started this year. My birthday is in a couple of weeks, and I remember when I first started getting into clothes at 13/14, being able to take my birthday money and get some really good stuff in the sales. We went to Exeter on Thursday and half the racks were bare! Still, I did have a quick perusal in Cardiff on Monday as well so have managed to get some lovely bits.


I thought I'd start 2011 with a burst of colour; I know this is such an autumnal outfit, but I hate this time of year so need a colour injection to cheer me up! The skirt was one of my sale bargains from Next; I can't believe how good their sale was! I also got a floral jumpsuit for the summer and two pairs of shoes, all for under £50; bargain! I'll feature the other items later on, but I am so incredibly pleased with this skirt. I find it hard to find skirt that suit me; with not being entirely happy with the size of my middle, I tend to gravitate towards dresses and tunics to cover it up! But I've lost another 6lbs throughout December (quite how when I've been stuffing my face like the best of them I do not know) so though I'd push myself out of my comfort zone with this one (see, doing things that 'scare me', already; small steps!)

I'm currently scouring ebay for a vest similar to this to pair with the skirt; I never ever thought I'd see myself in mustard, but since going brunette I seem to be able to wear a lot more earthy colours so I'm just going to go with it! I point blank refuse to spend £15 on a vest though; yes, it's pretty, but I can't justify to myself paying the same for the vest as the skirt was! I'm going to be more frugal this year and more though-out with my purchases, I have so much unworn in my wardrobe. This cardigan is from Topshop, but I bought similar in the Zara sale for half the price; definitely justifiable to fuel my current obsession with maroon!

I've featured this gorgeous compass necklace by Wallpaper Rose before, but this time I actually own it! A gift from Louise, alongside some swallow wall decals and this cat brooch; which is just too funny, because I bought her the brooch for Christmas as well!

The finishing touch to this outfit are our gorgeous Bronze Beauty clips; a firm staple in my hair over recent months! Inspired by the eye of peacock feathers and dipped in bronze glitter, I've found they're the perfect finish for adding a bit of sparkle to a day outfit like this. Better yet, they're now on sale at a bargainous £2.50! Blog readers get free shipping, too; simply add "loose lips sink ships" to a note on your order and I'll refund your shipping costs :)

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  1. Oh wow those clips are lovely! I just thought I'd tell you that I got my sisters a few things from your site for christmas and they both loved them so as soon as I get a bit more money I will deffo buy something from your site :) for me, this time though x


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