Thursday, 9 December 2010


So I thought I'd do a giveaway when I reached 100 followers on here, but then changed my mind and decided to do a giveaway just for fun! And perhaps for a slightly selfish reason too....

I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it. The cut, the length, the vintage feeling; swoon. And yet, I'm really struggling to wear it. Something about the cut, the length and the vintage feeling have made it entirely inappropriate to go with anything else in my wardrobe. But I don't want to give it up because I love it so!

Unfortunately I don't have Daisy's effortless style to pull this dress off without a bit of styling so here's where the competition begins! To enter, simply show me how you'd style this dress and you'll be in with the chance to win two items of your choice from Crown&Glory!

Be as creative as you like, I'd like to see both dressed up and dressed down ways. Here's my attempt! Loving the shoes!

A few housekeeping rules:

-you must be following the blog to enter
-i may or may not be biased to outfits that include crown&glory items!
-if at all possible, please use polyvore and comment me the link. I've added the dress to polyvore here.
-for an extra entry, tweet " @crown_glory are having a Style This! giveaway; win two items of your choice!" and send a seperate comment
-winner will be drawn next friday, 17th decemeber


  1. Is it boring that I've already done it??

    .... Maybe I'll do it again if I have time...

    Awesome idea for a comp though.
    I'm still mortified this dress isn't mine! xxx

  2. Hehe my attempt :)

    I've already tweeted, brb with another comment :P

  3. Erm I don't know how to copy a link to a retweet :S

    Thanks for this great giveaway! xxx

  4. Hello,

    Ok, I dressed it down as I have a tendancy to do that to tea dresses!!

    I am about to tweet about it too:)



    Here's my set...

  6. following through twitter, and tweeted the contest.

    I dressed it up.

    sorry i didn't use polyvore.


  7. hmmm ok it's coming up when i use the link

    try that


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