Sunday, 21 November 2010

What We Would Wear

Has anyone else noticed the distinct lack of autumnal foliage this weekend? We've had some crazy mad weather in Cornwall which unfortunately seems to have shaken the last beautiful leaves off the trees. Thankfully, we were unscathed here in Liskeard but my heart goes out to any of my Cornish fans who weren't so lucky!

In other news, Crown and Glory has gone MENTAL this week, something I am eternally grateful for! We've had a lot of blog exposure and there is a fair few discount codes knocking around, too. It's so typical to happen this week, though; I've just started my new job so haven't been able to dedicate all of my time to Crown and Glory as I would have previous! Although on the site I've said to allow 5-10 working days for each order, I've been able to make it more like 3 until now. If you've ordered something from me in the past week, order processing is likely to be around 5-7 working days plus delivery.


With both the passing of autumn and starting my new job in mind, I've gone for an employment-appropriate outfit this week! Though to be honest you'd be just as likely to find me in this down the pub these days; something about being back in Cornwall means I'm steering clear of the usual dress + heels combination for a Friday night! I am lucky enough to be able to wear jeans in my office (at least; I haven't been told not to!) and so my black Kristen high-waisted ones from Topshop have been getting some serious use. They're just so comfy! I bought some 'super skinnies' from DP last weekend that I spend my entire time having to adjust them. I love the Kristen's so much that I've just bought the indigo blue pair, pictured. I'm hoping they'll allow me to wear my navy-blue peter pan collar tunic; it was just too indecently short with tights!

The shirt is also from Topshop, as are the brogues, and for the moment they will both have to stay on my wishlist! I bought some cheapy brogues last week from New Look and have worn them all week, they're so comfy! I have a new front door to pay for, though, so a second pair of brogues in as many weeks is just not justifiable! The shirt is something I never, ever would have gone for colour wise before I dyed my hair dark, but I'm finding I'm able to wear a lot more warmer colours! Same goes for this gorgeous maroon scarf from Forever 21; the gorgeous Emma from Milkteef blogged about this today, she really is my sartorial twin because I've found myself gravitating towards maroons recently! Maybe it's something to do with Harry Potter....or that I definitely no longer remember my maroon school uniform...

An autumnal look would not be complete without our Prarie Fire headband. This is one of my favourite items at the moment, I'm wearing it all the time! One case in point was to Jimmy Eat World last weekend, and I got loads of compliments! If you would prefer this piece as a clip, just let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate :)

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