Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory A/W '13

 photo lisahugemidnight_zps82c2da25.jpg photo emmamidnight_zps3686a3cc.jpg photo lisamediummidnight_zps63b9af81.jpg
 photo emmamidnightworn_zps609f9c63.jpg
 photo liberacebunnyblack_zps1a79fe68.jpg photo liberacekittyblack_zps23d3d926.jpg photo liberacekittyblack_zps8a0819bd.jpg photo sarahkittyblack_zps8f2160d6.jpg photo sarahbunnyblack_zps443641e1.jpg
Yesterday we launched our favourite collection to date! The Autumn/Winter drop for Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory was always going to have a place close to my heart - my inner goth isn't as repressed as Kat's so re-imagining our classic designs to suit the colder months was right up my street. We've added in the Liberace and Sarah ears in Black, as well as reworked the Lisa and Emma designs in a black, grey and red colourway.

 photo elbiegunmetal_zpsb3aed02c.jpg photo elbiegold_zps7ce054a5.jpg
 photo elbiegunmetal_zpsb7e8d590.jpg

Of course we couldn't stop at just re-working old designs; where's the creativity in that?! No, I revelled in the brief of 'babein' glitter crown please' and dreamed up the spiked Elbie headband in Gold and Gunmetal. So perfect for the upcoming party season, I wore mine at the weekend with a leather skirt and sparkly jumper.

 photo sophiesilverworn_zpsd0d257aa.jpg
 photo sophiesilver_zpsd2ec507d.jpg photo sophiegold_zps8b97489e.jpg

The piece de resistance, of course, is the Sophie headband - lightweight foam roses, dipped in gold or silver high shine acrylic and covered with a smattering of glitter. Yes, that's essentially the very essence of my being, in headband form; so much so that Kat decided to name it after me, aww!

Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory A/W 13 is available to buy now.

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  1. I LOVE the red and black one... I think that would look awesome with my hair lol


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