Monday, 5 August 2013

What's the story, Crown and Glory?

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I know such remarks get thrown around the Internet willy-nilly, but HOLY CRAP you guys this past week has been AWESOME! Above are just some of the wonderful snaps we've been sent of you rocking your new head candy from the Rock n Roll Bride collection! Be sure to search through the #rockglory on twitter or Instagram to see more of your beautiful faces, or upload a snap of yourself wearing one so we can see! Now without further ado, this last week in numbers....

74 hours clocked in the office - 2 exhausted but happy campers - 12,000 acrylic gems and counting - 1 bottle of very pink fizz to celebrate - 12 emails starting with an excited EEK - 3 continents that #rockglory pieces have winged their way to - 7 bloody awesome brides-to-be who will be rocking ears on their big day - 6 bridesmaids who'll be rocking out in matching Liberace ears (can't WAIT to see that wedding!) - 100 bags of pink sparkly heart confetti made to pop in the orders - 1 day spent scrolling through the internet in sheer excitement

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