Friday, 9 August 2013

Outfit Ideas - how does a grown girl wear kitty ears, anyway?

cute kitty ears

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Ok, well. Though it pains me to say it, if you're asking that question then I *guess* we can still be friends. But you might need to buck up your ideas if you want to be liked around here, m'kay? Seriously though, I get that your average 9-5 suburban life probably doesn't call for putting on your glad rags and topping it off with some spangly ears to pop to the supermarket in. Uh, except, it DOES! Life is way too short to wearing boring clothes so why not stop saving that gorgeous dress for best and start making your wardrobe do some serious werk!

I like to call this a 'starter ear' outfit - we're going for 'oh this old thing? I just threw it on!' as opposed to Katy Perry sex kitten to ease you in gently. This gorgeous Whitepepper smock dress is fun and coquettish (looks bloody comfy too, pudding room anyone?) and paired with blush pink Dr Martins you're embracing your inner six year old. A cute pink pleather clutch could be fun for night, or a slouchy across body bag for day. Team with your hair in bunches, a flash of hot pink lipgloss and doll-eyed makeup and our Rachel Kitty Ears in Pastel are the perfect kind of kooky to finish off your look.

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1 comment:

  1. First thing that came to mind when I read your title: "With a blazer, duh!" - because a blazer makes anything look more grown up.

    But I really like your ideology about life being to short to dress boring - adding it to my Tumblr XD


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