Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's Business, Baby - A Day in the Life Of...

9am. It's shoot day for the Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory lookbook, oh yay! Gareth and I hotfoot it over to Fur Coat No Knickers on the tube to collect the gorgeous dresses and accessories for the shoot.

10am. Flowers start arriving from the amazing Wild About. Lisa had a Mulberry vibe in mind and oh boy, did these guys deliver! We had half a flower shop at our disposal!


11am. Makeup time! I've been obsessed with blue mascara ever since seeing it on Cara Delevingne. Elbie painstakingly applied coat after coat of turquoise mascara to false lashes before applying them to my eyes. So fresh!


12pm. Compile a shot list. We had a lot of material to collate over the day; a full editorial lookbook, including different sets and closeups and product shots for retail. With a location like Beltcraft, though, it was a breeze, in fact perhaps there was too much choice! I dread to think how much it would've cost to hire all the props.

1pm. Break for lunch. Can't believe how fast the morning has flown by.


2pm. Get on set! After a quick touch up to hair and makeup by Elbie, Lisa places Kat and I into the first shot and of course I instantly freeze - Kat is such a pro and I'm not used to playing model!


3pm. We're thoroughly warmed up now, with Lisa being the ultimate pro in suggesting cute poses for us to place ourselves into. I even start to enjoy it, and I'm notoriously camera shy.

4pm. So unlike any other photoshoot I've ever worked on before, we're actually ahead of schedule so get to have a play with some different set ups. Gareth had the idea of placing these green hydrangeas in the drawer - I love the red and green together.

5pm. It's a wrap! We're all pretty tired and hot (oh the glamour!) and super grateful to be able to jump on a tube for celebratory sushi and wine.

Photos by the wonderful Alexa Loy.

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  1. Great post, so interesting to have a peek behind the scenes.
    It looks like a great shoot. x

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