Monday, 29 July 2013

NEWS; Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory

You guys! The day is finally here! After what seems like an absolute millennia, we can finally reveal all the juicy details of our latest collection - designed in collaboration with the one and only Rock n Roll Bride!


Comprising of 23 pieces, the collection features cute-as a button animal ears, loud and proud floral crowns and more sparkle than you can shake a stick at. Basically, think Crown and Glory, only fun-er!


Aimed primarily at alternative brides, this range came about because both Kat and I were bored to tears of the same old off-white and pearl-laden offerings for brides. Being as equally obsessed with anything bold, brash and glitter-encrusted; Kat was thrilled when I tentatively offered her the chance to do something about it and to let her imagination run wild!




But ultimately, we've designed this collection for girls like us; Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory girls are spunky, boisterous and treat everyday like it’s their birthday. They believe that life’s too short to wear the sartorial equivalent of a potato sack and that accessories maketh the outfit! They’re leaders not a followers, aren’t afraid to defy convention and always favour the ridiculous over the unremarkable.

Soo, I'd bloody love to hear your thoughts on the collection? Here are a couple of our favourite images from the lookbook we shot with the wonderful Lisa Devlin. Check back later in the week for more details about the pieces, behind the scenes from the shoot and our inspiration behind the collection.


If you get your grubby paws on some, be sure to tweet or instagram us using the hashtag #RockGlory so we can squeal in delight at all you hot babes rocking your new head candy!


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