Tuesday, 9 July 2013

It's Business, Baby - Office Inspiration with Sugar and Vice

I find the spaces that people create to inspire and work in so fascinating - so what happens when you need to combine pure functionality with an inspirational space for new products and designs? We take a peek into Sarah from Sugar and Vice's workshop to find out more...


Working from a small spare room/ converted garage area, Sarah has had to make the most of the space she has to create areas for designing for her jewellery line, producing hundreds of acrylic laser cut necklaces, earrings and custom creations, and for packing up her orders to send around the world.

Such a multifunctional space requires a lot of storage, and these plastic storage drawer towers are great for storing chains, stickers and of course, sweeties.

Sarah keeps organised by meticulously labelling her storage - everything has its' place in the postage station, including integral Pez dispenser.

It's easy to inject personality into a functional working space - an office without a pug makes or a sad office, after all. Sarah maintains she needs cats and jellybeans to work well, too. Don't we all?!

The 'in use' acrylic sheets - there are so many colours! And Sarah's pride and joy - her Versa laser cutter. 'My baby - I literally couldn't work without her.'

Adding a splash of colour to the space, the Inspiration Station, including some super cute ladybird board pins and postcards from her fave creative businesses.

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