Sunday, 14 July 2013

Best of the Bunch; Lilac Hair

It's true, 18 months on and I'm still completely obsessed with obtaining the perfect lilac hair colour. My favourite colour time for my own lilac bonce is a couple of washes in, when it's faded down from violet to grey-toned lavender. I'm currently sporting a pink-lilac 'do thanks to the wonderfully talented Elbie van Eeden, but more on the reason behind that soon - for now, onto my fave lilac hairstyles from the web!

A perfect lavender topknot // ice lilac waves for days // lilac locks and a Heidi braid? Count me in // gorgeous multi tonal lilac

Bad ass lilac locks // Cara with pastel hair? YES // Kelly O will always be queen of the purps // such pretty lavender waves

Love Doe Deere's washed out hue // violet to lilac ombré, so good // lilac unicorn hair! // always match your eyes to your hair colour


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