Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Photography Farm: Elements is coming to Cornwall!

Calling all wedding photographers - this one's for you!

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Photography Farm
is the brainchild of acclaimed alternative wedding photographer Lisa Devlin. A simple idea - a workshop that nurtures you into the very best photographer you can be. Teaching not only technique like flash and posing models, but digging way deeper into creating PR campaigns, marketing and image processing.

Whilst the usual Photography Farm is a residential event, hosted in a picturesque 15th century farmhouse in Dorking Lisa and her team know that its' location means that some awesome photographers may never be able to make it down to the 'Farm, so meet Photography Farm Elements; Photography Farm on tour!

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The next event, on 5th and 6th June, is hosted at the stunning Fowey Hall Hotel in Fowey, Cornwall. The two day event covers elements from the Photography Farm's curriculum - and farmers can choose to attend either day or both, as it suits them.

Day One is all about FLASH, baby. Hosted by Viva Wedding Photography's Adam Bronkhorst, he will take you from zero to hero in all things flash with this day long comprehensive course. He will finish up the day with a lesson in how to do Light Painting before heading outside to have a play with the techniques and equipment.

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Day Two is hosted by the inimitable Lisa Devlin, and explores her Fundamental Rules of Awesome Couple Shots plus her Kick Ass Marketing Techniques. Lisa will take you through making the most out of a couple in a short space of time; focusing on people's emotions, and covering real life circumstances like what if your couple are wonderfully alternative? Same sex? What works if she is taller than him? Trust me on this one, Lisa hasn't chosen a model-esque couple for her Cornish shoot. She likes a challenge, and boy will she get it, as terrifyingly the subject of the couples shoot for Photography Farm Elements, Cornwall will be myself and Gareth! We're excited and petrified in equal measures, I can tell you.

During the last part of Day Two, Lisa will talk about how to market yourself to kick-ass couples in the first place. Having fancy-pants business cards and an all singing all dancing website just don't cut it in this over-saturated industry - it's time to make a PR campaign honey, and work it hard.

The days cost £250 each or £450 for both. For more information or to book, (and places are super duper limited, so do it ASAP!) contact Photography Farm.

Images by Lisa Devlin

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