Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's Business, Baby - I Want To Make You Sweat!


I'm gonna start with a pretty bold statement here; hands down the best thing I've ever done for my business is to implement a regular exercise regime.
Alongside my bold statement, I'm going to make a huge generalisation - for the majority of creative people, exercise doesn't come naturally. I know, forgive me for the stereotype, and of course if you're one of these babes that schedules in a morning run, skips into the office at 8am sharp and finishes their day with Pilates with complete and utter ease, I salute you. But this post isn't for you, move along now; here's a gratuituous image of a topless Bradley Cooper so you didn't pop by here for nothing.
For most of us, our relationship with exercise begins at school - and dear God, if communal changing rooms circa 2004 weren't enough to put off shy, gangling, geeky types like me then I dread to think what they're like now. I always felt so much more comfortable in the art room, the music studio, deep in the photography darkroom. I had the longest, most awkward, uncoordinated legs you ever did see as a teenager, and coupled with crippling anxiety and sadistic PE teachers who thought it'd be fun to try and make the girl with 2 left feet try and do the long jump, I shyed away from sports altogether. As it happens, exercise and I never got on, despite my best efforts to try and lose the 'freshman 15 30', until I woke up one day last March and booked myself into a spin class at the local gym.
Yes, a spin class. For someone who never got around to the running bit of Couch25k. Someone who never got past level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I don't remember my exact thoughts for deciding to chose Spin, but I do know that, for the first time, my decision to start trying to exercise wasn't to do with losing weight. It was to do with getting healthy.
At the time, I was working completely ridiculous hours; 5 days a week at home, on my own, 2 days a week at a deskjob I detested. I'd been graduated 18 months, and yet hadn't found friends outside of my university crowd. I napped during the day, and slept in of a morning. Feeling stressed would be cured with a large glass of wine or two of an evening, oh with a side of Dairy Milk too please.
In short, I wasn't taking care of myself, and something kicked in that day that I wasn't getting any younger, and if I didn't start to look after my body now, it was only going to get harder. And boy, was that first spin class hard. I couldn't keep up at all, I kept thinking that everyone as staring at me, and OMG is my heart rate supposed to do that or am I going to topple over and die? I started off slow, 1 class a week for months, introducing a 2nd as I began to get fitter, 20 minutes on the cross trainer soon followed. As hard as it was to take myself away from orders, from unanswered emails, I got to August and told myself that 2012 would be the year I taught my body to love exercise.

Now, just over a year on, and I'm still at it, and it's genuinely the best thing I've ever kept up. I Spin 4 times a week, Bodymax twice, Bodycombat and Pilates inbetween. My favourite classes are those that I do back to back; if someone had told me I'd be doing that this time last year I would've laughed in their face! I keep it mixed up, so I don't get bored. Whereas a year ago, not reaching inbox zero or an empty order book would've made me phone up and cancel the class in a panic, but the only thing I'll miss my clocking off time for now is something that's truly business changing (last month, it was a call in from from Vogue. We'll allow them that)
I've got so much more energy, too! No more lunchtime naps, I wake up dead on 730 each morning without the need for an alarm. My days are more focused, more alert, I don't remember the last time I had a 3pm slump.
It's really hard, don't get me wrong! But I promise you it will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

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  1. Sophie, your dedication to your health, and fitness, is absolutely fantastic and completely awe-inspiring! I recently introduced exercise into my life but saw no results and slowly slipped back into stop-mode as I lost motivation. Having read this, I hope I can introduce it back in. I would like to join a class but I wouldn't know where to start! Thank you, however, for posting this - it might just be the push I need to get back on top of things, exercise-wise, again!

    1. Aw Tori, I'm glad, I'd totally recommend starting classes - I guess for some people they're scary because it's with other people but it's actually that that keep me motivated when it's particularly tough going or whatever; no-one wants to be the one walking out halfway through! Start slow, and build up, and lots of variety; try not to get disheartened if you're slow to see results, try to measure on stuff like recovery time or energy levels as opposed to whats on the scales! xxx

    2. You are completely right - I just got so disheartened by others saying they had seen results and I was seeing nothing, but I did feel fitter and it affected my mood at times for the better. I really must get back into the swing of things! I think for me it's the effort of finding a class to go to that isn't that far away - I may look and see what they have on offer at the university :) Oh, actually, the other thing is clothing!! When I exercise at home I can get away with wearing the most ridiculous of ensembles (a vest top and boxer shorts anyone?) but I have no actual 'work out gear' and am worried about spending the money and then not going through with the classes! Grrr, there's always something (ever the pessimist!!) xx

    3. Well, tough love Sophie here, but the only person making these excuses is you; gosh the other day I saw a girl in my spin class wearing jeggings! I wouldn't advocate that obviously (ouch) but there are ways around it (I'll do a post on affordable workout gear soon too!)

      Just like how some people can survive on chocolate and crisps and be as thin as a rake, some people show results to exercise faster than others.

      Keep at it babe! Now the weather's getting nice why not start with a half hour walk every day - exercise + oxygen, oh my! xx


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