Friday, 17 May 2013

Let's Get Crafty - Polka Dot Cat manicure

After a particularly hideous wisdom tooth extraction this week, I needed a bit of cheering up, and nothing makes me mile more than a cute manicure! I trawled through my Pinterest board for suitably cheery inspiration and came across the super cute, polka dot and cat print mani.

Look how smiley the kitty's are! I hid my swollen face in a hat and scarf combo (thankfully its still cold enough to not look like a total freak) and popped down the Superdrug to pick up supplies.

I'd deffo suggest using false nails for this to improve your accuracy. Paint with 3 coats of white nail paint, doing a crescent shape on the ring finger from the nail tip down. I used Matt White by Barry M.

Once that's dry, get creative with a nail art pen! I used a Barry M one that was just like using a felt tip, none of the inconsistent nib stuff from yesteryear. Add the cats ears to the white crescent by dipping a cocktail stick in the white paint and drawing on.

It really is that simple! Don't forget to add a topcoat - my favourite is Renunail Top Coat by Dr Lewinns


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  1. These look so cute! definitely going to have a go at doing them :D xo

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