Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It's Business, Baby - Kickstart your Dream Job


It's no secret that I am absolutely, categorically, consumingly in love with my job. Sometimes, I still pinch myself that i get to make a living out of playing with glitter, that international fashion magazines are featuring pieces made with my own hands, that a customer would choose to wear one of my creations on their wedding day, the most important day of their lives. The term 'mind=blown' is thrown around a lot, but on the rare occassion i get to stop and think about what I've achieved in the last 2 years, well colour me happy my mind is well and truly blown.

While I can't harp on about Crown and Glory being my 'childhood dream', or that I knew I'd always be an 'entrepreneur' (hate that term), it definitely feels that all my decisions regarding education, hobbies and work have all led me to this point. Something definitely slotted into place around the time I decided to give this here opportunity a go. Did I know the ins and outs of running a business before I started? Hell no! I completed a Photographic Art degree that was very much geared towards becoming an underpaid, struggling artist. I knew nothing about pricing structures, marketing campaigns, or logisitcs processes. PR was a dirty word! I've muddled through, with the help from mentoring and coaching, and learning to 'fail, quickly'.

Being asked to contribute to a book about how to make a living out of a creative hobby was a definite 'mind=blown' moment. Whilst I'm not one to revel in prestige or praise, preferring to quietly conquer behind the scenes than apply for every award going, being asked to contribute to this publication was a huge honour. The brainchild of Two Red Trees' Anna Ward, together with Mike Carthew, 'Commercial Creatives' is a definitive guide to generating income and gaining recognition from your creative skills. Whether you're a painter, potter, photoshop whiz or printmaker, Commerical Creatives is a vital resource for those that are considering taking their hobby or passion to the next level.

With advise and insights from some of the world's "most successful, self employed creatives" (!!!!) the publication covers topics like price models, upscaling, product photography, social media skills and perceived value. There are interviews with some of the world's Top 10 Etsy sellers, advise from an illustrator who sold 5000 prints in 24 hours and insider tips from the director of a large craft community. In short, this book is an invaluable resource for both those starting out, and those muddling along but striving to improve. Hell, I'm allegedly one of these 'successful' types, and I learnt bucket loads!

Commercial Creatives is available to buy from Amazon now, or to be in with the chance to win a copy,simply enter using any of the methods below.


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