Friday, 10 May 2013

Crown and Glory Travels - Popping to Prague!

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In five weeks' time, myself and Gareth are packing up our handluggage for a well deserved mid-week break in the Czechoslovakian city of Prague.
Truth told, we're not very good travelers. While almost each weekend we're off around the country either for work or to see friends and family, when it comes to hopping on a plane/train/boat and actually taking a break for ourselves, well we haven't had one since a trip to Amsterdam last January. We both love the idea of traveling more and have made it one of our 2013 resolutions. Prague is a city I've always wanted to visit, so when one slightly tipsy night I saw that one of the only dates in the European Paramore tour were still for sale in Prague, we thought, why the hell not?!

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We're looking forward to soaking up the predominantly Gothic architecture of Prague Castle, and standing in awe in front of St Vitus's Cathedral. I love to photograph buildings, and Gareth always wanted to be an architect. We'll be paying respect at the old Jewish Cemetery, and I'll ensure a trip to Prague House of Photography is on the cards.

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As well as the gig (paying 1300 of something over the internet was a strange phenomenon, I have to tell you!) of course for nighttime activities we're looking forward to sampling the local liquor; me, absinthe icecream and Gareth, the local beer. Though not so sold on cold pickled mackerel to soak it all up though, thanks Time Out.

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We've booked our apartment with Air BnB - if you haven't heard of this amazing website yet, oh my god go forth and EXPLORE, my friend! Basically, you're renting either a bed, room or whole dwelling by the night. The site is based on user ratings and Air BnB even send in their own photographers so you know that what you're seeing is totes legit. I used the site to find cheap digs in London in January and our host was amazing, the attention to detail with gadgets and extras was exemplary, the apartment was perfect for our short city break and all for under £70 a night. Here's hoping our Czech apartment is the same!

So, have you got any tips for things we should do when we go on pseudo goth adventures in the Bohemian city? Any tips on places to eat would be gratefully accepted - whilst I'm pretty adventurous with food, the thought of cold mackerel and raw beef on toast makes me feel quite ill.

Images by John & Tina Reid via Flickr

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