Saturday, 11 May 2013

Crown and Glory Reads - Danny Wallace

I admit, reading for pleasure is a scarce activity these days. In fact, the last time I just sat down and read a book was last August. As a teenage bookworm, that's pretty terrifying. I think the problem started shortly after I got a kindle - whilst I love the idea of having hundreds of books in one portable device, it also makes picking (and finishing one) almost impossible. That and the working 16 hour day thing...


But one of the books I read last summer, that stuck in my mind, was Awkward Situations for Men, by Danny Wallace. You may know Wallace from 'Yes Man' fame (infinitely better than the film, btw, and that's coming from a huge Jim Carrey fan) and Awkward Situations for Men is just as hilarious, irreverent and charming all in one. We follow a year in Wallace's life, in which he finds himself in the most toe curlingly awkward of situations - insulting a friends baby, accidentally following a woman down a dark alley, being caught in pyjamas by his wife. Prepare to be snorting in laughter in front of complete strangers on a train (or maybe that's just the awkward situations of my life)

Also worth checking out, is his acclaimed hit 'Join Me' - in which Wallace inadvertently starts a cult by asking people to send a passport photo to a PO Box address.

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