Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Crown and Glory on the Road!

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Over the weekend we were back on the road again, for the second of our three wedding fairs this spring - All About Ewe in Birmingham! And bloody hell, what a fun time we had. Seriously, if all Sundays I had to work were like this well I wouldn't mind one jot! Not only did I get to hang out with lovelies like Emma Case, Elbie van Eeden, Jo from the Couture Company and Kat from Rock n Roll Bride again, I also had the pleasure of meeting SO many talented individuals I've spent months admiring online, and over 250 amazing brides and grooms to be! We had every type of guy and gal through the door - rockers, moshers, fairies, folkers, hippies and hipsters and there was something for absolutely everyone's tastes.

Crown and Glory Babes

Any sense of trepidation I felt at the prospect instantly melted away as hell everyone was just such a good egg. And hugely humbling, so many of the girls rocked up wearing Crown and Glory! It makes my heart melt every time I see someone in my pieces it really does.

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The wedding industry is notorious for being a bitchy world of competitiveness and hell Sunday's fair couldn't be further from the truth. Never before have I felt such a sense of camaraderie in a room full of suppliers - you'll find no undercutting or catty remarks here, no siree bob.

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The customers really felt it, too. One of my brides to be exclaimed how at home she felt here; enjoying spending hours chatting away to potential suppliers as opposed to having stiffled sales pitches rammed down her throat.

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Our glitter floor went down a treat, quite frankly. Though I don't think the caretaker agreed as I literally left a trail of sparkles everywhere I went...

 photo polkadotfox_zps01cd5b4f.jpg

And of course, what self respecting wedding fair would be without a photobooth? Jumping in it with a bunch of babes was a fun way to wind down the day, and this Polka Dot Fox one printed out oldschool style photo-strips while we waited.

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  1. What a lovely and honest review, we love that everyone loves EWE and that we are all loving what we do and what others do too xx

  2. It looks fab, especially your area, that glitter floor is amazing!! :o


  3. Awesome photo you have shared here, Thanks a lot for sharing it because it make myself to love


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