Thursday, 7 February 2013

I Want Candy!

Do you notice how your sense of smell changes as you get older? For years and years I wouldn't use a beauty product that didn't either smell of patchouli or coconut (weird mix) but at the moment I just want to smell like an old fashion sweet shoppe!

Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo conditioner

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner - £5.99 each from Boots

Aussie seems to be the beauty bloggers' 'drugstore' hair care of choice, and with good reason - their products smell fantastic and work well for their price point. Miracle Moist smells like bubblegum with floral undertones - it really transports you into a shiny, happy place. Especially wonderful when you've been slogging it out on a cross trainer for an hour.

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Wash Off Cleansing Milk - £7.00 from Boots

Fantastic name aside (!), Soap and Glory products have a huge place in my heart. My bathroom is absolutely chocker with them and it's a definite talking point when my girly friends come over! I picked up this cleansing milk with a gift set just before Christmas, and admittedly at first I just wasn't sure - after using Cleanse and Polish for the last 6 months the consistency wasn't as luxurious and it wasn't quite as good as removing a full face of makeup. But hellooo, what's that smell? It took me ages to place the spring like, subtle scent - a mixture of peach sweets and pear drops! Once I added in a muslin cloth to my routine I was sold and I now use this as a happy morning wash.

Lush Snow Fairy

Lush Limited Edition Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £16.99 from eBay

It's official, I am the last person on earth to discover this wonderful scent. After being loyal to their Karma scent for years, when I received the Snow Fairy Wand in my Christmas stocking I'll admit my heart sank a bit - when I'd smelled it in the shop I thought it was a bit too sweet and sickly for me. Until I realised that every time I walked past my stocking, I gave it a little rattle to release the scent a bit more. And everytime I walk past it on the bathroom shelf, I'd drop my head a little to get a better sniff - ok, I admit, I was hooked! A desperate dash round every Lush store I came across during the new year period was fruitless, so I caved and bought a massive bottle online. I use this after particularly hardcore gym sessions as a real treat.

How to Smell Like a Sweet Shoppe

Lush Limited Edition Snow Fairy Wand - £4.95 from Lush

The scent itself of Snow Fairy transports you back to childhood memories of candyfloss and ice poles, pear drops and old fashioned fruit pastilles. The bubble wand was a new edition for 2012 (I believe) - you swirl it around under runinning water in your bath to create gorgeously scented, pink tinged foam. On its' own, this product doesn;t last for very long on the skin, but layer it up with the shower gel and you're gonna be smelling sweet all day.

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