Monday, 3 December 2012

Gift Guide - the Entrepreneur

(aka, stuff I'd like please, Santa)

My hatred of the word Entrepreneur aside, we've all got someone in our lives who runs their own business, is a dedicated blogger or runs their social life like it's a business. These gifts should surprise even the most organised of chicks, if you can find a date in her diary to gift them to her that is.

gift idea entrepreneur

1. 2013 Year Planner by Lollipop Designs on She's probably already got early 2013 panned out to the minute, but this pretty wall planner may turn those scribbles into coherent plans, for 5 minutes at least. £12.50

2. Plans for World Domination Note Book by Champignons at Best budding entrepreneur tip I ever received - carry a notebook EVERYWHERE. You never know when the best idea may strike. And this Plans For World Domination cahier even has a pocket at the back for the flotsam and jetsom in the bottom of your bag. £11

3. iTorch External Battery Charger for iPhone/iPad/ at
God only knows why Apply keep inventing new models but do nothing about the appauling battery life of iPhones especially, but this will keep any 1% panics at bay and stress levels down for those that have their 'phones surgically attached to their palms. £21.99

4. This Week Wall Stickers by Rose & Grey at There is nothing more calming when your head is full of STUFF than to get a decent plan down. This reuseable wall sticker plans your week ahead with ease - whether its' scheduling orders, blog posts or supper plans. £62

5. Cork Board Map by Luckies at
Last but by no means least, if I don't get this in my stocking I'm gonna scream. An absolute must for anyone who ships inernationally, is planning a round the world trip or likes to show off their latest jaunt. £25

For more ideas, visit our dedicated Pinterest board

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