Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bristol Bloggers Meet Up - #bbmeetup

What feels like absolutely forever ago (but was in fact, only 2 weeks!) I jumped on a train to hang out, eat, and shop with a bunch of the South West's finest fashion bloggers in the beautiful city of Bristol.

Now, fblogger I ain't, but I have worked with a fair few of the girls before so when I saw the invite start flying around on twitter, I tentatively asked if I may join. "You're on the list already!" exclaimed the Meetup's organisers, Steph and Kim which was seriously lovely of them. Despite my trepidations at meeting up with such a beautiful bunch, I booked my ticket with haste!

So what the hell does one wear to meet up with some of the most fashionable ladies around? After pretty much a whole weekend of deliberation I figured I'd feel most relaxed (I'm a bit of a shy type, truth told) in something I felt comfortable in - so opted for a very, very old favourite of mine - a silk, floral print dip hem tea dress from ASOS.




Photo by Steph

Paired with my Topshop biker, New Look studded loafers and Anenome Floral Crown to pick out the blues in the dress.

So off I trotted, meeting the lovely Megan on the train and Paige and Lily at the station. A very wet schlep to Cabot Circus and we met up with the rest of the girls (and one guy!) for a mandatory Nandos. I was positioned perfectly to have a good old gossip with my new BFF Steph, and catch up with old favourites Amy and Abby.

Some of us then headed over to a super cute bowling lane for a few cocktails and more gossips before Abby, Megan, Sammy and I had to catch the train home.
I can't believe how fast the day flew by! I regret not getting nearly enough time to chat to Gemma, Kimmy and Chloe, and a bunch of other lovelies I didn't get the chance to chat to at all: Hannah, Emma, Laura, Joe and Amie.
A really lovely point to the day, though, was how quickly and generously everyone donated to the goodie bags - aside from a scarf and belt from Room 31, everything had been deonated by the attendees themselves - here's a quick snap of my goodies. What mine doesn't include is the glitter hair bows that everyone got from me - I have more than enough already!


  1. Your hair is the definition of amazing Sophie! I am in awe x

  2. I love this dress so much! It's absolutely stunning :)
    You've accessorized this beautiful too! Complete babe.



  3. Your hair is amazing!!!! I know how tricky it is to get the colours just right, that purple is perfect! Aww I love Stephanie, the meet up sounded great, it's so nice to meet other bloggers in the flesh xx


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