Saturday, 7 July 2012

Giveaway with Chelsea Doll

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a bit loathed to buy summer clothes right now. A combination of the abysmal British weather and working out/losing weight hard for my holidays in September (no carbs before Marbs, after all!) has left me still reaching for my leggings/tunics combo on a daily basis.

What I can't get enough of right now though, is accessories. I guess because I run an accessories store a lot of people just assume that I never wear other brands or jewellery - so not true! In fact, a little secret for you - I tend to only wear Crown and Glory for work outings and to test out new products, I guess my local Morrisons isn't quite ready for a floral bandeau while I nip out to get some milk!

So if like me you're reaching for new bits of bling to add a splash of colour and interest in this dreary weather, you mmight like to check out online accessory haven Chelsea Doll - they've got all the trends covered and are super affordable as well. Here are my top five:

Metal Plate Cuff, £14

Snake Armlet, £11

The Maple Clutch Bag, £15

Stone and Metal Bib Necklace, £12

Aarow Bracelet, £13

Like what you see? Click the photo at the top of the page to enter our competition - to win a £20 gift card from both us and Chelsea Doll. Summer accessories, sorted!

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