Tuesday, 3 May 2011

In The Spotlight: What Katie Found

I've been following the progress of this weeks' In The Spotlight for a wee while now. Starting out in April 2010 as Kakes Makes, What Katie Found continues to be inspired by all things kitsch, granny chic, vintage fabrics, flowers and wonderfully tacky bits and bobs.

Using mainly recycled fabrics and materials, What Katie Found aspires to create splendid handmade loveliness for affordable prices, while also doing her bit to help to keep the world a happy place by taking unused things and creating them into something beautiful.

I must say, I'm rather jealous of how Katie manages to purvey such a wonderfully eclectic mixture of wares, and yet still manages to keep a level of visual continuity running through her shop. I was lucky enough to be sent a few things to sample recently, and here's what Katie chose for me;

These bird badges are just perfect! If you've been following for a little while now, you'll be aware that I'm particularly partial to most things reminiscent of our feathered friends (except owl jewellery. Ick.) even though I am aware bird motifs are absolutely everywhere, this bargainous little badge set is created from a vintage bird fact book, which I'm sure you'll agree trumps any mass-produced gubbins from the high street. I'm now yearning for the facts that go with these images, which would be the only thing I'd perhaps add to the sleek packaging that accompanies them.

Now, I think Katie has been reading my mind; only last week was I cursing my cluttered self for misplacing my one and only needle. After a good hour of cursing and more than a few things thrown against the wall, I had to make do with trying to thread veiling with a safety pin. Frustrating was not the word! You can imagine my delight when my parcel contained this beautiful mustard-coloured needle pouch - including five needles! At only £2.50 I just don't know how Katie does it, the finishing on this little pouch is extremely well finished as well. I can imagine something like this over at Cath Kidston retailing at over £10. This gorgeous little pouch now sits proudly in my ever-growing sewing bag, and I'll never loose my needles again.

Last but by no means least, I pretty much squealed with delight when this cross stitch letter badge popped out of the envelope. Everyone loves receiving personalised presents, and I think one of these would look gorgeous holding a gift-tag to a bow on a best-friend's Birthday present. My little 'S' however, now sits proudly on my favourite spring-jacket.

Katie has very kindle set up a free shipping discount available to all Crown and Glory fans; just enter SAILAWAY at her Etsy checkout.

For more on What Katie Found, please visit her Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

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