Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tilly and the Buttons

Alongside my goals for 2011, I'm determined to make good use from the sewing machine I bought with some money I got for Christmas. Now, I hadn't sewn anything since I was 15 in textiles class (a black satin corset, actually; tres chic! Barf) and patience isn't really a virtue I can claim to be a master of (I'm working on it, promise) so I fully expected to play with it for half a weekend, for the needle to snap and me get all sulky and never use it again. So far though, so good; me and my sewing machine are in the second week of our blossoming relationship and I have made two velvet turban headbands and four jersey rosette headbands. (which you will see very soon, I promise!)

As with most obsessions though, I've been wasting time on the internet trying to feed my hankering for knowledge and have come across this wonderful little blog, Tilly and the Buttons. Tilly began her blog on January 1st 2o10, also a completely novice seller. And my, how far she's come! Looking through her archives is somehow both inspiring and incredibly daunting at the same time; I can't imagine ever being able to sew this wonderful denim button down skirt without tearing my hair out!

Tilly's first project was this delightful yellow dress, which still seems a little daunting to me; perhaps in the coming weeks/months I'll find a sewing class to attend (and hell, I might actually meet some people in this God forsaken town!)

For now I'm going to continue working on my headbands, and then move onto cushions and so forth. I'll be following Tilly's guides to sewing and investigating all the wonderful blogs she links to to gain further inspiration.

Tilly hopes she's inspired others to begin New Year's Res-sew-lutions. You've got a convert in me!

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  1. I love that. :)

    And btw I have few days ago recived the dusky rose bobby pin set which I have won in The Magpie Girl's giveaway :) I have also posted about it:



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