Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year Goals...

Am I the only one who doesn't get excited over New Year's eve? Celebrations for me have always been a little dull; either working, or holding back someone's hair whilst they throw up last years regrets. In fact, the whole idea of New Year's resolutions is thoroughly depressing as well; generally a list of can't/won't/shan't that plague your consciousness for the next week until you abandon all attempts.

What I am going to do this year though, is write a list of goals. Positive changes to enrich my life. Every former year has been determined by education, so I enter 2011 with a whole bundle of emotions now I'm an "adult". I'm a bit of a control freak truth told, so the prospect of opportunity and promise is a little disconcerting at times; and so we embark upon goal number one...

1a) Overcome anxieties. Do things more things that scare me. (in August, I finally plucked up the courage to complete 'Go Ape' in Swansea. I was completely terrified the entire time, but the sense of achievement afterwards was amazing. In fact, I think I felt prouder for completing that than my degree.) I got bought paint balling tickets for Christmas, so that'll be the first step!

1b) Care less about what others think. I will not let social anxieties stop me from doing the things I want!

2) Meet some new people. Having left university, I've moved back to my home town where I now know no-one. Not having kept in touch with those from school doesn't bother me; to be completely honest, I had nothing in common with most of them anyway. I met some amazing people in university, and have left with a handful that I hold very dear. Living so far apart is a killer, so I aim to overcome my fears and meet some new people from the Devon/Cornwall area.

3) Save up enough money to travel Europe in late summer. So far my list of 'must see places' are as follows; Prague, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Florence.

4) Complete the 5k Race for Life in June/July. For my nanny, grandad and boyfriend's mum.

5) Full steam ahead for Crown & Glory! When I first started selling feather butterfly headbands in June of this year, I never imagined I'd be where I am today. I am eternally grateful for everyone who has supported, bought from, or 'liked' anything I've created this year. For this coming year, I hope to be stocked in more independent retailers, embark on some proper shoots and continue nurturing the brand from strength to strength.


  1. I'm not all that keen on New Year's Eve either, if I'm honest. Sounds sad, but until now all I like doing is staying in with my family and watching whatever they have on TV (I know how to have a good time no?)
    I like your idea of goals, it's much more positive than resolutions :) And as for your travelling goal, I went to Venice myself and it is BEAUTIFUL. I think we went in April for a couple of days and I just adored it so much although I got lost a few times, it's quite like a maze! Just a little tip, if you do plan to go to Venice, I wouldn't really recommend summer as I've heard from so many people that it's incredibly stuffy (and a bit smelly) when it's too warm, although you don't have to take this into consideration, I just thought I'd mention to you in case you didn't know :) Aside from that I think the places you want to go to are amazing (I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Pompeii ever since I read about the whole history of it) and from what I've heard, all those other places are great too :) I hope you end up achieving all thsoe goals then :) x

  2. wow so many of these are my goals too! (hoping to get my similar post up later this evening :) )
    Oh, and I don't get excited about NYE either, sadly it usually ends up being a disappointment!
    However, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope it's a good 'un for you and your creative ventures! xx

  3. Your list is very inspirational. I have a few of those goals too, like meet new people since I will be starting college in august, and getting over anxieties.

    xo, Jay

  4. Thanks Nats, I'll be sure to mention that to the beau when we plan our trip! We plan on leaving in late August and chase the sun, so to speak, so I think by the time we reach Italy the high summer haze should have gone!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like NYE, though I had a nice time last night pampering myself, quick drink in the pub and then home for midnight _ Jools Holland! Perhaps I'll do something daring next year, the Mr is a bit of a party animal at heart so I'd better take him into consideration too :)

    Good luck with all your goals, too! Jay, college was a real turning point for me, meeting likeminded people and such, you'll have a ball!



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