Sunday, 10 October 2010

Get The Look

I would love to be able to credit this image, but unfortunately I found it on In the future I want to do a shoot like this with some of my pieces; I think the ethereal quality to the image and quirky styling would fit especially well with some of the floral pieces.

I'm letting you into a little secret of mine here with this installment of our new feature 'Get the Look'. Can you believe that these Vivienne Westwood frames are only £65? That because they're from an online discount retailer, Using discontinued or last seasons stock, it is a mecca website for designer frames at highstreet prices. I've bought my specs from here for a good few years now and have never been disappointed. It's a bit of a faff putting in your prescription but the time spent is definitely worth it. If, like me, you've worn face furniture since you were tiny, your frames are an important part of your sartorial decisions, and at these prices you can afford to buy a couple of pairs for different looks.

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