Monday, 11 October 2010

All dressed up with nowhere to go

I thought I'd show you a couple of my latest purchases. As my dear friend Sam clarified the other day, I've lost a bit of weight and dropped a dress size; I'm pretty happy about this seeing as all I've really stopped doing is drinking! The past six months, what with finishing uni and suchlike, turned into a total booze fest; I was going out at the very least once a week, often twice. Since moving back to Cornwall in August I've probably been out three times. So that's definitely helping! And the supermarket, greengrocers and post office are all in walking distance now so I'm walking a lot more. I don't weigh myself as I get really compulsive about it and just end up beating myself up everytime I put on a bit of period weight but my clothes are definitely a lot baggier and I'm back in a lot of the stuff from last winter. I'd like to drop another dress size to a 12 as that's my 'happy weight', which I'm sure will take a little more effort than the occasional walk but it's a start at least.

The dress is from Peacocks and I took advantage of their 20% off days on Friday. But full price it is still only £16 which is a total bargain. It's a lovely soft jersey and a nice length, too; it hits me just above my knee which makes it very flattering. The colours reminded me of a peacock feather which always gets a thumbs up in my book.

I couldn't resist this bird ring from Primark. Gaudy? Yes! Affordable? Yes! I'll take it! The sizing is a bit weird though, I got an L because I have man hands and can only just get it on my ring finger!

The necklaces are Tiffany and Topshop. The key was a gift from my parents for my Graduation but instead of buying the extortionate Tiffany chain I just bought a 20" sterling silver one from my local jewellers; a quarter of the price! Everyone comments on how delicate it is in real life.

The socks are also Topshop; I told you I have an addiction to swallows! I've also got them in cream; I love socks with ballet pumps when the winter starts to set in a little.

Last but not least is this silver Andie Headband. This is one of my favourite items from the site as it's just so easy to wear. Sometimes massive flowers and butterflies aren't appropriate so the leaf headband is perfect for when you want to add a more subtle touch of personality to an outfit.


  1. Woo well done! Gorgeous purchases :-D x

  2. Ok, so I commented earlier, but it messed up and lost it! You look stunning, well done on the weight loss! (I'm so jealous, I don't seem to be loosing any.... probably because I'm still eating cake... biscuits.... and cheese.... ... fail.) It's such a lovely dress, I think I need a peacocks visit! xx


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