Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dorothy Perkins 20% off day

I get the feeling that amongst the fash pack, Dorothy Perkins gets a pretty bad rep. For me, it's one of the best kept secrets of the high street. Every item I've ever bought from DP still sits in my wardrobe as their items tend to be classics. They are affordable and the items are always incredibly well made. Through the mumsy blouses and bad suit jackets there are definitely some gems to be had. I think their best area is dresses; I always fall in love with at least one dress every time I go in.

For today only they are offering a 20% discount off of everything online which is the perfect opportunity to stock up on some party dresses.

I saved the best for last...this dress is the cutest! I am so tempted to buy it and wait until I get skinny again. ARGHH it's beautiful.


  1. I couldn't agree more - I adore DP. Esspecially as I'm incredibly petite and they're one of the only high street stores to stock Size 6 on most of their clothing (not just the limited range in the 'petite' section)

    I love the Lace Yoke Tunic, the coursage dress and of course that last one!!

    Thanks for these - GREAT finds! I may have to go buy something now ;-)

    Little Rachael

  2. They're the same the other end of the scale as well Rachael, always got a good stock of 14/16s too. And all round good shop! Please buy that last dress, I want someone to enjoy it! x


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