Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Review: Wallpaper Rose

It's not exactly a secret that here at Crown&Glory we love a jewel or two. It's also not a secret that we love independent fashion jeweler Wallpaper Rose. Having featured a creation or two of Louise's in almost every outfit post, I thought it was time to do some reviews...


First up we have the Babushka necklace (which maybe I made this up, but I'm pretty sure was my name suggestion) After Russian Dolls were all-over the A/W'10 catwalks I'm surprised I haven't seen more around the highstreet, but Wallpaper Rose is right on the money with this one. The antique brass charm is accompanied by a red Swarovski crystal and bronze-tone heart which allows the Matryoshka enough breathing space without her looking lonely. The 20" chain is heavy and substantial and feels a lot more expensive than a lot of the 'costume' jewellery you can buy via the highstreet, which goes for the charms as well. This necklace is perfect for adding that final luxe touch to any autumnal outfit. The clasp is the highlight for me; making a feature out of something so practical adds interest to the piece. Babushka is £10 and can be bought here.

I've attempted to take some pictures of the outfit I'm wearing it with today, but it's so dark it's like I'm photographing in a cave. Still, you can see the awesome furryness of my waistcoat at least...

I'll try to get some better ones tomorrow! But I'm embracing my inner gypsy here in florals and faux fur.

Some more terrible images! This time I'm wearing an Amplified Kiss tee and a tiedye waterfall cardigan from Select (of all places!) with black skinny jeans. The longer necklace is another Wallpaper Rose, which is lovely that they all mix and match as they do because layering is awesomes.

Wallpaper Rose is offering a 10% discount for Crown&Glory readers when you enter code "CrownandGlory" into checkout, which lasts until October 1st.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more reviews and *hopefully* some better images!

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