Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What We Would Wear Tuesday

This weeks' addition of What We Would Wear is a definite dream outfit....the only feasible item aside from the Lindsey Fascinator is the Topshop bed jacket...this is actually much more glamorous in real life (you'd think an institution like Topshop would hire good photographers, wouldn't you...) and as I got paid a little extra for the wedding I photographed at the weekend, I might just have to add this to my wardrobe. I absolutely love the idea of a bed jacket, especially when its' rocked up with some Current/Elliot jeans and an Alexander McQueen skull clutch, and this is just the perfect one, I can see it becoming a real wardrobe staple that will transcend seasons. It will take me right through autumn winter, and is in my opion quite reasonable for Topshop at £35.
The Lindsey fascinator I featured at the weekend...but didn't get to wear it! Sob! I was struck down with a nasty tummy bug (or concussion....who knows!) on Sunday and thus had to miss out on the leaving party. If my bank account was endless, I would definitely be buying myself the above outfit to make up for it.
I'm actually waiting on the components for a headband version of the Lindsey fascinator, so watch this space!


  1. i went and bought it today....naughty sophie.....cheap glasses for me! x


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