Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Style, 5 Key Items

my style 5 items

When I saw Xandra post this My Style in 5 Key Items blogpost last week I knew instantly, without even thinking about it, what I'd pick. I think I've cheated a bit in that some of the things are specific and some are more categories but whatever, my bursting wardrobe is far too full to choose just 5 items!

1) All Saints Leather Jacket - Gareth surprised me with one of these (mine is now out of stock) a few Christmases ago and it's barely left my shoulders since. Buttery soft leather that goes with everything - dresses up jeans and a tshirt, dresses down posh frocks, I am absolutely smitten. I think it's the one item of clothing I'd head back in to save in the event of a fire.

2) Floral midi skirts - my midi skirt obsession started as they hit the shops last year; oh my god, a piece of fashion I could actually get on board with! As I'm 5'10" I often had the problem that things were just too short to be decent, until the midi came along. I now have a wardrobe full of these beauties and I can't see the obsession stopping anytime soon. Leather, scuba, sequin and bodycon styles all adorn my rails but floral holds the dearest place in my heart. Currently coveting this, this and this beauty.

3) Zoe and Morgan Stacking Flower Ring - fun factoid for you; this is the only thing I have ever actually saved birthday money for. (What can I say, I live in the moment!) When my parents kindly gifted me some cash to buy something for my 25th birthday, instead of the usual frittering it away on clothes and makeup I wouldn't be wearing in a years time, I decided to invest in a piece of jewellery I truly loved, but I had to wait 4 months for it to come back into stock. I've been obsessed with this ring since seeing Fearne Cotton toteing it years ago, but always shied away thinking I'd regret spending so much on something with a skull on. Well, skulls have been firmly in my sartorial subconscious for 10 years and counting, so I decided to just embrace it. 18 months on and the love affair is still strong, I never take it off. Also permanently adorning my hands are a couple of TBC above knuckle rings and gemstone rings. They're soon to be joined by this beauty, too!

4) OTT trainers - another thing that's stayed with me from my teenage years is my love for comfortable footwear. Well actually, footwear in general, but day-to-day you'll find me in a pair of trainers - the uglier the better! Extra kudos for leopard print ones, mine are also encrusted with sparkling rainbow Swarovkis (similar here)

5) Slogan Tshirts - this is something I wouldn't necessarily say defines my style but it's something that makes up a lot of my wardrobe and I do wear an awful lot of the time (and in the time it's taken me to write this post, I just bought this so actually, if the shoe fits...) I love to pair slogan tshirts (and like with my skulls, they can't be any old slogan tshirt, oh no thankyou Primark) with aforementioned floral midi skirts, or hi-shine leggings and leopard print high tops, or leather jackets and my skull you spot a theme emerging here? I like my slogans to be fashion puns, or internet themed, or anything to do with cats or unicorns.

What would be your 5 Key Items?

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