Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What I Wish I'd Known When I Started My Business...

Sophie Crown and Glory

I don’t really feel like there’s been a ‘tipping point’ for Crown and Glory as such, and for that I’m really grateful, because it’s allowed us to grow at a steady pace. I always worry that businesses that achieve overnight success or get to a ‘make or break’ point are going to struggle because they might not be proper equipped to adapt that quickly.

You see so many businesses having one amazing piece of press, or getting something onto an international celebrity overnight and then they can’t cope with the response from it. Of course, with proper planning, this sort of exponential growth can be managed effectively, but slow and steady has won the race for us and my blood pressure is glad for that. It took me two years to reach a point where I was able to go full time in the business and I’m really glad I held off until then, no matter how much I wanted to throw caution to the wind at times!

We tried so many things that didn’t work, but as long as I make sure at the end of it I take stock and draw something from the experience, I don’t have regrets. Most memorably, last year we tried to get a project off the ground that transpired was just not a good fit for the business at all. There was going to be a lot of risk for us to continue forward with it, and there were just too many people involved that really didn’t need to be. But although it was a super stressful and expensive time, I’m so glad we took the chance to explore the opportunity but had the sense to call it a day when we did. I genuinely think this is because we’ve grown steadily and learned as we’ve gone along.

Had the same opportunity been presented to us in say, year one of business, I think my judgement would’ve been clouded by the flashy names and bright lights involved and the end result could have been a very different story indeed! Ultimately, you have to trust your gut with these things. Learn quickly how to determine the difference between fear and intuition; fear will hold you back, intuition has got your back.

There are a lot of people out there that are looking to make money off your inexperience and who will try to knock you down for their own gain. I wish I’d known this when I started the business. My advice to anyone just starting out would be to get wise to those jokers, quickly! I wish I’d surrounded myself with like-minded peers earlier on as it can be pretty lonely climbing on your own. You’ll also get way further by approaching issues with positive energy and good vibes than bitching and moaning. Finally, don’t constantly compare yourself to others! Your journey is different to them and someone else’s success should not define yours.

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