Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sunday Kind of Love; 13/10


'The Past is Behind You' by Jane Farr Calligraphy via Pinterest

This week has been procrastination city. I've got a to do list as long as my arm but kept heading over to buzzfeed instead of spreadsheets this week. Admittedly whenever the season starts to change I can feel myself getting into a funk. But instead of feeling immense guilt, I've allowed myself to slack off on the admin a little, to take a night off from anything and sit in bed and just 'be' for a few days; and it worked. I woke up Saturday morning feeling invigorated and bursting full of ideas. We'll call those 4 days of bare minimum quits and move on. Things I've been loving this week;

  • I cooked up a Vietnamese feast this weekend of beef pho, raw spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce and sticky orange chicken with mango salsa and it went down a storm. Love throwing a good dinner party!
  • New nails; ever since I've been having OPI Gelcolour applied my usually short and stubby's have been transformed into long, curved talons and I'm loving it. How will I ever go back to a regular manicure?!
  • Similarly, there's nothing like a perky, fruity, happy smelling shower scrub to get you out of a funk - Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub, I salute you
  • The main sources of my procrastination this week; the mumsnet penisbeaker thread (NSFW!), The 21 Most Heartbreaking Things That Ever Happened and Real Travel Complaints. All of the lolz.
  • Booking in my first 2014 meeting - and writing it on my Veronica Dearly wallplanner!
  • Reading How to Kick Your Own Butt and actually applying some of those things; namely exercise and Pinterest. Simply things!
  • Cheese on toast and tea in bed. Cheese on toast and tea brought to my bed by Gareth. He's a very kind man.


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  1. Super great post... Loved this.. and think I may invest in that wall planner just what I need to get myself organised :)
    Clare Elise


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