Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday Kind of Love - 15/09

'Shauna Niequist' by Rocketrictic via Pinterest

This week it was Gareth's birthday! Queue the poor boy being forced into a pair of bunny ears for photo ops, getting control over the office TV for the day (Top Gear, if you we're wondering) and indulging in fish and chips by the sea. Weather permitting, I treated him to a paddle boarding lesson for the two of us today as a birthday treat - that should prove fully hilarious! This week I've been loving;

  • Having the confidence to be assertive and learn that saying 'game over' isn't failing or admitting defeat - it's incredibly powerful to know when something is no longer of your interest.
  • Feeling confident behind the wheel - I'm still in car-park mode, but by gum why did I put off driving for so long?!
  • Saying 'thankyou!' outloud every time a new order pops up on my phone. I was chatting to Gala last week about how sweet and humbling the Paypal app sounds every time you know it's someone placing an order with you, and she told me she mentally thanks every customer by name when she gets the notification through, and it's something I've applied this week and it feels just lovely!
  • Friday 13th movie night - Mama was utterly, goosebump-making, trashily terrifying. Just what the doctor ordered!
  • Getting some creative juice flowing! The autumn drop at Crown and Glory should be up next week, exciting!
  • Being interviewed by The Blogcademy headmistresses - you can read about my journey this year, here.
  • Homemade chicken soup cures all ills.

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  1. Thats such a lovely idea with the paypal app, I always get a huge smile when I hear that sound - i'm going to start thanking by name out loud too, right away!

    Glad the chicken soup worked x


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